About Us

Horse Phenomena (HP) is an online horse and dog sim game where players can own, breed, train, and sell their own virtual pets. It is free to sign up and play, but you can upgrade your account for extra perks.

Modeled after the early horse and dog game concepts, we offer simple and nostalgic game-play, updated for the modern internet. We strive to give our players lots of freedom to play the way they want to with a flexible showing system and customizable pages and graphics, while providing many modern game concepts such as automated auctions, broken-line prevention, and a cash shop to buy in-game boosts.

HP is a community-driven game, with an active and attentive staff. Our player's suggestions and thoughts are always taken into account, we run site-wide events and contests every month, and our staff is always there for you!

Our Features

We have over 140 horse breeds, and over 125 Dog Breeds. Our breed list is constantly growing as players petition the community to have their favorite breeds added to the game.

HP has an official crossbreed system, so that you can incorporate new animals into your lines more easily. For example, if you have a line of National Show Horses, you can breed them with Arabians or Saddlebreds, and you will still have National Show Horses!

HP has three different types of shows (including public shows, private shows, and club shows).

Our showing system is simple, quick, and efficient - with an enter-all for upgraded members to get your training done in a snap!

We have built-in protection from broken lines when an animal is retired or deleted.

For extra points, you can register your animals in our official clubs and enter club shows!

We have an expansive achievements system for all sorts of game accomplishments (including admin-awarded badges for things like being helpful to other players, and participating in site-wide events), with new achievements being added constantly.

On HP you can create custom images for your animals, or buy beautiful art through the auctions. Or, if you prefer, we have an image bank for players to choose horse/dog images to use for their animals!

To keep trading secure, we have automated auction systems for buying and selling graphics, layouts, and upgrades.

When you refer new players to the game, or earn in-game achievements you will accumulate Horse Phenomena Points, which you can trade for items in our cash shop!

You can work to top the rankings for players and animals in several categories, and earn achievements for doing so!

Our staff hosts monthly site-wide contests, games, and frequent chat parties where you can earn game money, points, and other items.

And so much more!


Players are able to decorate their home pages with HTML/CSS. Some players just do nice patterns while other players do fancy images and complex coding.

Players can also own an unlimited amount of horses and dogs, and get extra perks for setting a breed specialty. Horses and dogs come with a default image, but players often use a new one from the image bank or make their own.

We also have a store for you to buy more animals or other things to help you along in the game:

And in addition to showing and training your horses and dogs, there are several other goals on the game and things to do.
For example, the rankings:

And achievements:

We also have several community features, like clubs, chat, the forums, and the player art gallery:


"I absolutely love HP! It has one of the nicest communities & everyone is here for each other. It lacks Drama and it overall a great game (: everything from the players right down to the game itself is enjoyable (:" - Memoire #19319

"HP is a great place to make friends and a great way to entertain yourself. ;D" - Farewell # 3861

"I love HP. It is very user friendly, your voice is always heard and it's so much fun to play. The rules are simple and easy to follow, not at all overbearing. i love the variety of breeds you can own, and the features of the game." - Duckie #23683

"Horse Phenomena is an great game with a easy to use interface and a great community of people of all ages. It's simple to learn and can give hours of enjoyment." - Kayla Gayle - KGPG Greyhounds - 4312

"LOVE IT!!! nuff said!" - a z a l i e #5

"HP is an entertaining and easy to learn game with a friendly community of active players. Staff members are helpful and involved in game play. I love that you can focus on different things from creating top lines, art or just chatting." - trig #6537