Getting Started Guide

New to HP and not sure where to begin? We understand! One of the hardest things about starting a new game is figuring out exactly what you're supposed to be doing. This guide is here to help!

Already know what to do? Great! You can navigate away from this page, but if you need it again, you can find it in the "Help" tab up top!

Looking for something specific? Check out our quick links below to take you right to the topic you need. Otherwise, just scroll down to jump right in to our full walk-through!

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Finding Your Way Around
Collect Your Paycheck
Buy Your First Horse or Dog
Set Your Breed Specialty
Personalizing your Horse or Dog
Taking Care of your Horse or Dog
Enter Shows
Make Your Weekly Shows
How to Make Game Money on HP

Finding Your Way Around

So, you've made an account, signed in for the very first time, and passed the bot quiz with flying colors. Now what?

Exploring HP

We've got a whole lot of links and pages for you to explore on HP!

Under the Home tab you'll find a link to your home page, a place to edit your profile information, a referral link to find shareable banners to suggest HP to your friends and earn points, and if you're upgraded, a link to your stable and kennel.

The News tab, you can see the site news which keeps you up-to-date on HP, the mod news which is where mods will post about their events and rule reminders, and the calendar which shows all of HP's upcoming events.

Next is the Interact tab where you'll find links to our chat room and advertising board, as well as a link to our forums and the list of online players (you can check here if you need a mod to see who is online to help you the fastest!).

Our Community tab has lots of great things, such as our clubs where you can register your animals or enter contests, the rankings for players and animals, the contest listing which has more information on player and club run contests, the art gallery, the Humane Alliance where neglected horses and dogs go, and our Breed Ambassadors page which will show you the designated players who can give you more information about a bunch of the breeds on HP!

In the Search tab you can search for other players, horses, dogs, and shows.

The Shop tab provides links to our graphic/layout auctions so that you can decorate your animal pages and home page, the Earn HPD page which provides more information about ways to earn HPD from the game's staff, the bank where you can send money and collect your paycheck, the cash shop to buy special items, and the regular store to buy horses, dogs, feed, stalls/kennels, and more!

The Help tab is where you are now! After you're done with this guide, you can check out our other links for even more information about HP!

On the Upgrade page you can read more about the perks of upgrading your account, buy an upgrade through PayPal, or buy an upgrade from another player in the upgrade auctions.

Finally, the Messages tab is where you can send and recieve messages on HP!

Where to go first

The first thing you should do is click on "Home" in the top navigation bar, and then in the tab menu, click on "Your Home". This will take you to your home page, where you can see all of your animals, go to the bank, and do all kinds of other things (like make shows, or decorate your page). You'll see lots of options here because of your free trial upgrade, but in this guide we will focus on the basics!

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Collect Your Paycheck

The first thing you'll want to do is collect your first paycheck from the bank! You should already have $1,500,000 HPD just for signing up, but every week you'll get an extra allowance! This paycheck will be $400,000 Horse Phenomena Dollars (HPD) because you've got a free trial upgrade! After your trial runs out, if you choose not to re-upgrade, you will get $200,000 each week.

This money will help you get started on the game. Remember to collect your bank amount each week (you can collect every week after Sunday rolls around), because if you don't collect it, you'll miss out on HPD that week!

Go to the Bank

To do this, click on the "shop" tab in the navigation bar, then "bank" (or go to your home page and scroll about half way down to where all of your account statistics are and click on "Go to Bank").

Once you're on the bank page, you will see a link to "Collect Your Paycheck!". Click this, and then you will have your money for this week! You should now have $1,900,000 HPD.

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Buy Your First Horse or Dog

Now that you've got some money you can buy your first horse or dog!

Buying in the Store

To do this you'll want to click on "Shop" in the navigation bar, and then on "Store" in the drop down tab. Once you're in the store you will see lots of boxes to buy things! But for now, look for the sections to buy a horse or buy a dog.

You can buy whichever one you'd like! Horses and dogs have all of the same showing and training options of HP.

Select the breed and gender that you're most interested in! TIP: You might want to stay away from geldings since you can't breed them. It's also a good idea to buy a breeding pair (one male and one female) so they can be trained at the same rate!

Once you've selected the species, breed, and gender you would like, click "buy!" and the HPD will automatically be deducted from your bank account.

This is the preferred method of buying animals for new players, because they are more affordable and they start at trainable/breedable age. However, you can also buy animals from other players! More information on that is below!

Buying from Other Players

You can also search for animals up for buy/bid in the horse search or dog search. You can find these by going to "Search" in the navigation bar and clicking either "Horses" or Dogs" in the tabbed menu. People may also post in the Animal Sales forum with animals that they have for sale!

If you would prefer to buy an animal that already has some miles on it, you can do this by filling out the form on the search page for what you want, and then selecting "Find only horses/dogs that are for sale?". It's also a good idea to select "Find only horses/dogs that are NOT for bid only?" so that you can get started right away!

Once you find a horse or dog that you're interested in, you can go to their page, by clicking on their name in the search results. Scroll down to the section on their page that says "Sales Information" and choose "Buy Now!" That's it! That's all you need to do, and now the horse or dog is yours.

Seeing your Horse or Dog

You can see your horse or dog by going to your home page, and scrolling down to the animal section! There will be a link to your new animal right there. If you click on it, it will take you to that animal's page!

If you scroll down to the bottom, you can edit their name, brand/tag, color, notes section, and choose a new picture! There is more information about this in a later section!

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Set Your Breed Specialty

Now that you've had a chance to buy an animal, it's time to set your breed specialty.

Setting your breed specialty to the same breed as the new animals you just bought will make sure that they get double entrance points in shows! Upgraded players get even more perks for their breed specialty, like an "enter all shows" option to enter 10 shows at a time, an extra 10 energy per week, sooner breeding times, and more!

Setting your Breed Specialty

You can do this on your your profile page. Your edit profile page is also where you can update your name, password, and email address, set your forum signature and avatar, edit your notifications, and do some other profile tweaks.

To find this, click "Home" in the navigation bar, and then "Edit Profile" in the tabbed menu. Scroll down the page to where you see "Breed Specialty*:" and then select the same breed as the one you just bought in the store! Once you've done that, scroll down and click the "Update Settings" button.

You can change your breed specialty a maximum of once per week, so make sure to set it to the breed of horse/dog you have! If you would like to breed more than one breed on HP, most players have separate accounts for each breed! You can have up to 5 basic accounts, and as many upgrades as you want!

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Personalizing your Horse or Dog

Once you've ensured that you'll get maximum points in shows by setting your breed specialty, it's time to personalize your animals! HP offers tons of options for you to make your animals your own!

To do this, go to your animal's page (this can be found by going to your own home page and then scrolling down to your horse and dog section, finding the animal, and then clicking on it). Then scroll down to almost the bottom of your animal's page to where it says "Update Horse/Dog Information". This is where you can edit your animal's information.

The first step is to choose a name! You can also specify what color you envision horse or dog being, and how tall they are! The "Notes" section can only be seen by you, and a lot of players use it to track point goals. You can also set a brand (for horses) or a tag (for dogs), and make it permaent if you wish! If it's permanent this means you can't change it again later on, so make sure you double check spelling! Your brand should be something that will help you identify any animals that were trained or bred by you later on if you sell them.

HP lets players make their own art for their animals rather than offering preset images that you can't change. Horses and dogs will automatically be set to the default images which you are welcome to keep if you like them! You have a couple of options for choosing new images:

  • The HP Image Bank - Our image bank is available for all players to use! To choose an image from the image bank, click "Choose a Picture from the Image Bank" next to the "Picture" input section. Then you can specify type and breed and browse what we have! If you find something you like, click on the picture, and then "Use this picture?" and you're all set! We don't yet have images for every breed on the game, but we are working on it!

  • Buy an image from another player - Lots of players on HP make images and sell them to other players! You can check out what's currently available my going to the Graphic Auctions or post in chat/forums looking for custom images.

  • Use/make your own images - You also have the option to add your own images to your animals! You are allowed to use your own pictures, or photomanipulations on your animals, but make sure you check the Rules first, because HP has stock and crediting rules EVEN IF IT'S YOUR OWN PHOTO!

    Yay! Now that you've named your animal, it's time to learn how to take care of them!

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  • Taking Care of your Horse or Dog

    Now that you've gotten your first horse or dog, it's time to move onto the fun stuff - taking care of them!

    Go to the Vet and Farrier/Groomer

    Before you can enter any shows you must take your horse or dog to the vet and farrier/groomer. Both horses and dogs see the vet, but horses see the farrier and dogs see the groomer!

    To do this, go to your animal's page (this can be found by going to your own home page and then scrolling down to your horse or dog section, finding the animal, and then clicking on it). Once you're at your horse or dog's home page, look for the miniature nav. bar under your animal's picture. You should see buttons there for the vet and farrier. Just click on them and you're done (you will see a message at the top of the page once it reloads telling you how much you were charged and how the checkup went).

    That's all you have to do for now! You will have to see them again every 14 days though to make sure they're all up to snuff! Your animal's page will show you "Due now." for the vet and farrier when you need to see them!

    Boarding and Feeding

    All store horses and dogs come with 7 days of feed, so you shouldn't have to worry about this quite yet! However, it's a good idea to get your animal set up now to ensure that they will have food later on! If an animal has more than -2 days of feed, it can't show!

    On HP, only upgraded members can board and feed their own animals. If you just signed up for your first-ever HP account, you currently have a trial upgrade and can board and bulk up on feed for your animals! But if you choose not to re-upgrade or are starting with a basic account, you will need to find an open stable/kennel to board at. You cannot stay boarded at #1 because your animal will not get fed!

    You can board each animal by going to the Boarding Information section at the bottom of their page. If you want to board them in your stable/kennel you'll need to buy stalls/crates from the store and then they should auto-fill into their stalls and crates (if they don't you can click Board at Home on the animal's page). Then you will also need to buy feed from the store. Once you'ce done that you can go to your stable or kennel and click on "Feed" under each animals name. Each time you click "Feed" it will add 7 days of feed to your animal.

    To board at someone else's stable/kennel you can search players or pick from the drop-down list on your animal's page (this shows random, open stables/kennels for you). And as long as you pay the board (and message to let the person know you're boarding there!) they should feed for you. If you're having trouble finding someone who can feed for you, message any moderator on the game and they will help you find someone who is currently boarding!

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    Enter Shows

    Now you're all set to enter shows! This is also sometimes known as "training" on HP!

    In the same miniature nav. bar as the vet and farrier is a link to "Enter Shows". Click on this and you will see two forms here (if you have the trial upgrade), you'll want to look at the one on the left side of the page, the other one is the enter-all (more info on this in the Upgrade Help Section). You can fill out everything you want there - but for now put in tomorrow's date (or use the little calendar to select it), and specify "public" shows.

    Then hit "Search"! Once you've done this, a bunch of shows you can enter will show up. Click on each show's name to enter it. You can enter up to 20 shows to run in a single day, try entering 10 for now! You can train just for tomorrow, and come on each day to do it, or you can train for the entire week all at once! If you'd like to train for more days, go back up to the top of the page, change the date, and repeat the entering process. You can enter 1 show for each 1 energy point your horse/dog has. The energy is for the entire week! It resets every Sunday morning at midnight.

    Your animal should have a few points now just for entering the shows! And then when the shows run (they will run at about midnight) you will get the rest of the points based on how your animals placed. Congratulations on entering your first shows!

    Points on HP

    You'll notice that your animal has an "energy" meter on it's page. Each animal gets 70 energy each week! If you're using your breed specialty with an upgrade you will get 80 energy each week, and there are also options to buy even more weekly energy in the Store and Cash Shop. Each energy point is worth one show that you can enter. You can enter shows in advance (energy will go down when you enter the show, not when it runs), with a maximum of 20 shows set to run in one night.

    So what that means is that you can sit down on a Monday and enter 20 shows to run Tuesday, 10 shows to run Wednesday, and 20 shows to run Thursday (and so on), but you can't enter 30 shows to run on Tuesday. Each Sunday, your energy meter will reset back to full energy! So make sure you use up your shows before then for maximum points!

    For more information on points, placing, and judgement, check out our general help section.

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    Make Your Weekly Shows

    To make your shows, go to your home page and scroll down below your horse and dog tabs. You will see a tab called "Shows". Right next to shows it will say "create a show", click on this and it will take you to a new page with a form to fill out.

    You can make one public horse, and one public dog show each week. Upgraded players can also make one private horse horse and one private dog show per week, you can read more about this in the Upgrade Help Section. The maximum you can charge for a show is $3,000 HPD. It's a good idea to set it to the maximum about so that you can make some HPD!

    You can view the shows that you've made by clicking on the show tab on your home page. Each week, on Sunday, you can make new shows (even if your shows from the previous week haven't run yet), and if you do it every week you will be making a steady income from those shows, as well as helping to keep the total number of shows high so that they don't get over-populated.

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    How to Make Game Money on HP

    In order to buy things for your animals and keep going in the game, you might need more money than just what you collect from the bank each week.

    There are a few ways that you can do this! The first things you should do are to take advantage of the basic ways we offer to make money on the game:

  • Each player is allowed to have five basic accounts (you can have as many upgrades as you want). So make sure to make your other four accounts and collect from the bank each week! Please use the same email address when signing up so we can easily link your accounts together! This makes it easier for us to help you if you have questions about your accounts or lose the logins, and also keeps you from accidentally getting an extra trial upgrade!

  • Another way to make income is to make your public horse and dog shows each week. As a basic player you can make one of each every week, and when players enter them you will receive their entrance fees, minus the HP taxes! If you make all of your shows on each of your accounts and collect your bank money each week you will be doing well.

  • Check the Earn HPD page to see if the staff is currently offering HPD or upgrade time in exchange for things on the game. We frequently offer HPD for people who submit their personal photos to the HP image bank!

    Many players also earn money by offering services to other players. Since HP is a community-oriented game, many people rely on other players for some basic services. Every player offers different things, some players train animals for other members and some make custom graphics and layouts for them.

    Also, don't forget to enter any HP events or contests that we're running, and check out the HP clubs for contests and games. These are excellent ways to earn money, upgrades, and other prizes! Plus they're fun to participate in.

    Upgraded players have lots of additional streams of income like private shows, training tickets, selling votes, and boarding animals. You can read more about upgrading your account here.

    If you currently have a trial upgrade, there are many, many other ways for you to make money:

  • Brand new players have the option to buy a starter pack. This costs $5 USD and it contains a 1 month upgrade, $25 million HPD, and a custom pair of animals with points! This is an amazing value for new players. For more information or to buy one, you can click the notification at the top of every page!

  • You can also sell your training tickets and private shows before your trial upgrade expires. For more information on how to do this, check out the upgrade help section. For ideas on current prices for these things take a look at the forums or chat to see what others are currently selling them for! Prices fluctuate contantly and you want to make sure you're getting the most HPD possible!

  • You can make money by selling upgrades to other players through the upgrade auctions for HPD. There is more information about this in the general help section.

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  • Have a question that isn't answered here? You can see a list of the game's staff on our Credits & Staff page or use any of the methods on the Contact page to get in touch with us!

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