Dear Parents

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Parent page on HP! This page will explain a bit of what the game is about, as well as some more information about your child's safety on our site!

About The Game
Horse Phenomena, or as we like to call it, HP, is an online virtual horse and dog game geared towards players of all ages. We promote a fun, friendly, and clean environment, and try our best to make sure everyone is enjoying the game to it's fullest.

The game centers around training, showing, and breeding virtual horses and dogs, and trying to climb to the top of the point rankings on the game. There are lots of secondary goals for players as well, such as getting achievements for note-worthy accomplishments on the game, or running an association or club if you're upgraded. We also run several site-wide contests each month for all players to participate in.

Educational Benefits
HP offers several educational benefits, which are gotten just by playing the game! Here are just a few examples:

  • Players learn to care for their own horses and dogs. They are responsible for taking them to the vet and the farrier/groomer, making sure they are fed, and also entering them into shows on a regular basis.
  • Because HP is primarily text-based, players will develop their reading and writing skills through game-play and interaction with other players.
  • HP also offers the chance to learn about money management and general economics, since players are able to manage their own bank salary, and must save money for the things they want, as well as earn it by offering things like training and graphics to other players.
  • Players also learn to develop their social skills, due to the high community involvement on HP!

    Player Safety on Horse Phenomena
    Our community has people of all age ranges, as well as many families and/or parents who play along-side their children. Safe, clean, and fun game play are our first concern on HP. We also promote honesty, responsibility, and friendly social interaction. We take the safety of our players very seriously. The game is very heavily moderated, and all of our rules are strictly enforced! We have several behavior guidelines, which can be seen on the rules page.

    At times, HP will feature content that is considered PG13, which we try our best to make clear. If it comes to our attention that a child under the age of 13 is playing Horse Phenomena without their parent or guardian’s consent, they will be removed from our game immediately, as per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). For our safety AND yours we ask that you respect our age restrictions.

    In addition to our rules and our policies on rule enforcement, we also have filters in chat to filter out words that are not in good taste, an automated reporting feature for players to report messages, pages, and images that make them uncomfortable or break rules directly to the moderators, the ability to block any player with whom they do not wish to communicate, and a staff who is willing to help with any problem that comes our way.

    However, if you do not want your child to be able to interact with other players via the chats, forums, or the messaging system, you can log in to their accounts using the parental password you set up, and turn those features off for them. You can view our forums without logging in to judge for yourself if that is something that you’re okay with your child participating in.

    Horse Phenomena promotes internet safety and we do not allow for cyber bullying to go unnoticed or be ignored on HP. We also discourage players from sharing any personal information. It is suggested that children are spoken to about internet safety and what you, as their parent(s), deem appropriate for them. Please remember that the account owner (and their parents if the child is under 13) is responsible for keeping their personal information personal. Players are responsible for their own actions on HP. Harassment, scamming, cheating, etc. is not tolerated on HP.

    Although we strive to provide a safe place for our players, we still encourage parents to monitor their children’s online activities and to talk to their children. Here is a helpful website which offers suggestions for parents to keep their children safe online:

    Rules, Requirements, and Other Information
    All players have the option to play HP completely free; however, there are some optional features that cost real money. Players can buy an optional upgrade which unlocks more features for them in the game. Upgrading not only helps to boost a player’s experience on the game, but it also supports the game! All prices given for real money transactions are in USD, and all official transactions will take place through PayPal ( in order to keep payments completely safe and secure. PayPal requires their users to be over the age of 18, therefore, if you wish to upgrade an account for your child, any information collected regarding the payment will be about you, not your child. This information will remain strictly confidential. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information regarding this. If you are interested in purchasing an upgrade to access the extra game features, you can access it by clicking “upgrade” from the top bar once you are logged into the account you would like the features on. This will cost $5 USD for one month, $15 USD for six months or $30 USD for one year.

    Some other links that you may want to check out are our Rules, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Samantha at If at any time you could like your child’s account to be deleted, please email us and let us know (please include your child’s account number and your parental password in the email).

    Have a great day!

    Samantha Harbison
    Owner of