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Upgrading comes with several perks! But if you've never had an upgrade before, they can be a little confusing!

This section is for upgrade-exclusive features and how those things work. If you need help with anything else, please see our all of the extra help links at the bottom of this page :).

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Perks of Upgrading

All upgrades come with the following perks, plus a few extra things here and there!
  • Extra 10 energy each week for animals of your breed specialty
  • $750,000 HPD weekly allowance
  • Earn .04% bank interest on your HPD savings
  • Instantly get HPB when you upgrade, 1 HPB with a 1 month upgrade, 6 HPB with a 6 month upgrade, and 12 with a 1 year upgrade
  • Your own stable and kennel so you can board and feed your own animals
  • Access to exclusive chat channels and forums
  • An extra public horse show and an extra public dog show each week
  • The ability to host one private horse show and one private dog show each week
  • Buy 75 horse training tickets and 75 dog training tickets from the store each month (which you can keep for your own animals or sell to other players to make some HPD)
  • An enter-all for showing with your breed specialty, allowing you to enter 10 shows at once
  • Shorter time in between breedings for animals of your breed specialty
  • 1.5x show points for breed specialty animals who place in the top 10 in shows
  • Run for president in the official HP clubs, as well as vote in the monthly elections
  • Ability to apply to be a breed ambassador
  • Hidden player notes section on home page that only you can see/edit
  • Ability to edit your animal's stylesheets
  • Plus all of the capabilities of a basic account

Stables and Kennels

One of the first things you may want to check out are the stables and kennels. You'll have to go to the store in order to buy stalls for your horses and crates for your dogs, as well as feed. For each stall/crate you have, you can board one horse/dog. As long as there are available stalls/crates, your animals will automatically fill your stable/kennel. If there aren't, they will stay at the place they were boarded previously, so make sure you buy your stalls and crates! You'll also need them in order to board other people's animals.

Once you have stalls/crates, you should buy feed. When you feed, you will automatically feed for 7 days at a time (you can feed ahead if you want to, many people do using the bulk feeder extra feature), so make sure you buy enough for your whole herd! Horse and dog feed is not separate on HP so it will pull out of the same bin! To feed your animals, go to your stable/kennel (there are links under your Account Menu and also on your home page), you can click the feed button on each animal as many times as you want/have feed to do so! And that's it :). Just make sure you stay on top of it since animals that haven't been fed cannot show or breed!

You can adjust your stable and kennel settings via your Profile page. Here you can open/close your stable/kennels to the public, set your boarding price, and decide on names for them. Offering boarding to other players is often helpful and can help you earn a little extra money! If a stable or kennel is open, anyone can put their animals there and pay the board so that you will feed their animals :). If an owner hasn't paid for 7 or more days, you will get the option to boot their animals to the Humane Alliance (on account #666) so that you're no longer in charge of them and they no longer take up a space in your stable/kennel.

HP also offers you the option to buy a bulk feeder. This allows you to input a certain number of days of feed and then feed it rather than feeding each animal for only 7 days at a time! It expires with your upgrade. It's a huge time saver, as it lets you feed for years at a time in advance! :).

Private Shows

One of the most popular perks are private shows. You can make one for horses and one for dogs each week (in addition to your regular public shows), and they reset on Sunday like regular shows. Private Shows can be used for your own animals or you can accept other people's animals into them (a great way to earn some game money!), and are made by going to your Show tab on your home page (like you would with regular shows). Private shows are nice because with public shows anyone can enter which can give you a very wide range of points, however, with private shows you can control how many people enter which means better points for everyone!

Many people like to sell their private shows to other people. There are two ways that they do this: They sell the entire show to someone, and then that person can enter as many animals as they'd like into the show; or they sell private show spots where the owner of the show designates how many people can enter and people pay per animal they enter. You should check out the advertising channels and forums, or ask a player to see what the current going rate of shows is (since it fluctuates often). Because you can't set the show price past $3,000 HPD, people will send you the money separately through the bank, and it is considered courteous to put your private shows at $0 HPD since the person is paying you separately, but this is not required of you by the HP rules.

To accept an animal into your show, go to your home page and scroll down to the shows tab. Click on the show and you will be taken to a page that shows the information about the show and the entrants (if any) so far. Click on the link that says "request a spot" next to show type. Here you will see a list of the people waiting to be accepted or rejected from the show. You can then click accept or reject on each one and then you're done!

Since using/entering private shows is something anyone can do, please check the general help section for help on how to enter the shows.

Training Tickets

Training tickets are another popular perk - and a great way to make some game money or to get some extra points on your animals! You get 75 horse tickets and 75 dog tickets each month from the store, and when you buy them you can set the price you'd like to sell them for (like with private shows, check out advertising for the current going rates - and remember the price is for EACH ticket, not the whole set), and also if you'd like them to be public (anyone can request them) or private (only you, on your account, can request them). Each ticket is worth 75 points.

Accepting tickets can be slightly confusing at first if you've never done it before! To accept or reject ticket requests, go to your home page and scroll to the middle (where player points, money, and stable/kennel information is) and click "Request", this will take you to a page, much like the private shows request page, where you can accept and reject tickets. You can do them one-by-one OR do all 75 at once with the check boxes (like deleting messages)!

Since using training tickets is something anyone can do, please check the general help section for help on how to request them.

Training with your Enter-All

Maybe the most popular upgrade perk of all is the Enter-All shows option! This allows you to enter 10 shows at once for your breed specialty (so it saves you tons of time while you're training - especially if you're in a hurry or have tons of animals).

To use it, click Enter Shows on your animal's page like you always would, and to the right is another form you can fill out. This is for the enter-all. It gives you options for the date and if you want to enter random, most expensive, or least expensive shows. And once you click it, your shows are entered! This will only enter shows that are available for you to enter (so public and club shows), and remember that it only enters 10 shows per click, so if you want to enter more, you have to press the button twice! Unfortunately, if you want to enter a very specific number or type of show, you will have to search for and enter it individually. Please see general help for help with entering regular shows.


Clubs are a fun community feature on HP! As an upgrade, you can not only register your animals like a basic player can, but you can run for president and vote in the monthly elections! As president of a club, you can create a personalized club layout, run contests and/or giveaways, and be a contributing part of the activity and community on HP! :)

First, to run for president, scroll down the page of the club you want to be president of and you will see a line that says “Reason players should vote for you:” followed by a box you can type into. Type in why you think you should be president and click “create ballot”. It can be serious, or goofy! Congratulations! You are now officially running for president!

To get votes, find upgraded players who are willing to vote for you. Most upgraded players sell their votes, either exclusively or non-exclusively. An exclusive vote means that when voting, the voter can only vote for one person in a given club (the one who bought the exclusive votes), which guarantees they will not vote for your competition in that club. Non-exclusive means the voter can also vote for anyone else running in the club if anyone else buys those votes. Some players also trade votes if they are also running for president in a different club. Usually people advertise doing this with something like "TV5? me in All-Horses", meaning they are able to trade 5 votes, and they are running in All-Horses themselves. Each upgrade is able to vote once per person per club per month. So if you are running for president in All-Horses, you cannot vote for yourself on your upgrade more than once that month. If you have multiple upgrades, you are able to vote once for each of the upgrades you have. So if I have 5 upgrades, I can vote for myself 5 times (once per upgrade). To vote for someone, just go to the club they are running in and click the Vote! button next to their name and your vote will be automatically counted!

One the first day of a new month, the player with the most votes wins and gets to be president for the month! If you win, you will receive an automatic message on whatever account you ran on congratulating you and reminding you to take care of your club that month.

As president you can change the club page around to your liking. Most people try to list various contests and their registration rules. For registration rules an example is that you will only accept horses with at least 10 points, or only certain breeds that fall under your club's category (like only Paints and Appaloosas in the Colored Breeds Club). To accept or reject animals from the registry, scroll down to the "View Pending" tab and click on it. This will take you to a page that lists all of the horses/dogs waiting for you to either accept or reject them into the club. Click in the radio bubbles in the corresponding columns depending on whether you want to accept or reject each one. To reject, you are also given the option to type in a reason why you are rejecting them, such as "not the right breed" or "not enough points" according to your registry rules. Once you have decided which you will accept and/or reject, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Process Registrations" button and voila! Make sure you check your registry often, though, so the club stays active! On the club's main page, it will also tell you how many animals you have pending registration, as well as how many are already registered, how many player members you have in your club, and how much club money you have for contests.

Other options you have at your disposal as president include making club shows, sending a mass message to all club members (about contests, etc), and sending prize money to players. All of these options are located in the middle of the page between your club layout and where you edit the coding for the layout. Club shows can only be created once per week, just like regular shows.

There are a few rules that club presidents have to follow and these can be found on the rules page under the clubs section, so if it is your first time as president, we recommend you check this section out! The biggest thing is that you have 7 days after you become president to get your club active. This means you should put up a registry/put something on the page, make the shows, and accept/reject the pending animals that may be left over from last month. If you don't have time, you should let an administrator know so that someone else can be found to take over your club, as we really want to keep clubs active! Also important is that donation money MUST be used for club purposes only, meaning you can't send it to yourself or use it for your own personal use, or you may get an official warning, so keep that in mind, please!

Other Helpful Information

  • Breeding with your breed specialty on an upgrade is every 3 days for a male, and every 10 days for a female.
  • You can purchase new horse and dog tickets from the store every 30 days. Private shows reset every Sunday like public shows..

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