About the Breed

The Oldenburg comes from the Northwest corner of Lower-Saxony, (formerly the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg). Oldenburg bloodlines have traces of Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Westphalian, and Trakehner, with some influence from Selle Français and Dutch Warmbloods. Historically they were built to be all-purpose farm and carriage horses, but eventually became a "luxury" carriage horse due to their high-stepping gait. Modern Oldenburgs are used for Dressage and Show Jumping, because of their expressive gaits and talent for jumping.

Quick Facts

Height: 16.0 - 17.2 hands

Weight: 1700 pounds

Coat Colors: Bay, chestnut, brown, black, grey and tobiano pinto (rarely)

Markings: White on face and lower legs

Conformation: Neck is long, crested, and muscular. Well-muscled, sloping shoulders, with a short, strong back. Powerful hindquarters and wide chest. High-set tail and thick mane/tail.

Common Uses: Dressage, show jumping

Temperament: Curious and intelligent

Place of Origin: Germany

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