Meet the Team


Samantha (#1) - Owner

Hey! My name is Sam. I created this corner of the internet, and ran it as my full time job for 11 years! However, I've since retired from game development and no longer manage HP.

Outside of HP, I work in tech and I have (most of) a Culinary Arts degree. I do some food blogging as a side gig, and if you're into food I'll talk your ear off about food science and all things cooking. I have a huge cookbook collection, and I also like to read novels (mostly YA or mystery).

I live in Omaha, Nebraska with my husband, Joel! At home, I am curating my own mini-zoo. I have two cats (Mr. Doo and Noodle) and one dog (Sully). I've been riding since I was a kid, mainly hunter/jumper. I own an OTTB named Pilot.

Blitz (#2049) - Director of Horse Phenomena

Hey! My name is Jess. I'm a 30-something from Ottawa, Canada who's played HP since the dawn of time (in reality, since June 2009). Outside of HP, I'm a library technician in two elementary schools, as well as at the local college. I also spend my time volunteering at a therapeutic riding stable helping disabled kids and adults learn how to ride. I have a Rex cross (Ella) and a Golden Retriever (Piper). I have been riding horses since I was 10 and currently exercise the therapy horses where I volunteer. Also in my spare time I love to knit, binge watch tv, and read!

BinSki (#18070) - Marketing Manager

My name is Amber, I am 32 years old (born Dec 31, 1987) from Ontario, Canada. I am a Veterinary Technician, and have been since 2007. I'm married to the love of my life Chris . We have been together since 2002, married in 2010 . We have a beautiful family with 2 boys. My oldest - D y l a n was born December 2012, and my youngest - E t h a n was born June 2016.

I own an 13 y/o Maine Coon named Magoo (shes my "special" fur friend). RIP Boobers 1996 - 2012. & RIP Shadow 2000-2014. I have 5 tattoos -- a butterfly with tribal design on my lower back, butterfly with Chinese lettering on my right hip, a paw print with my zodiac sign on my right foot, a rose with Dylans name on my left wrist, and a tiger with half a Ying-Yang on my right calf (husband has the other half of the Ying- Yang with a tiger as well on his left calf) Pictures - here and here

Broken Vow (#22700) - Community Manager

Hey! The name's Sam, though many call me Broken Vow, Vow, or BV. I'm in my early 30's, married, living in southern California. Former New Englander who decided to venture out to the Midwest for college and chose to stick around for several years after. Life happened and now living on the West Coast. I have two domestic shorthair kitties. One is an orange tabby named Alejate or Ale for short and the other is black with little flecks of white hairs placed here and there named Emerald or Emmie for short. I currently don't own any horses but I've held various barn staff/volunteer positions over the years. Before moving I was volunteering at a little hunter/jumper barn that also offers a therapeutic riding program. I've been taking riding lessons since I was 12 and have had the opportunity to compete in Huntseat, Driving, Halter, Western Pleasure, and my most favorite Saddle Seat. Love, Love, American Saddlebreds!

Koni (#33) - Head Administrator

Hey guys! Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin- Koni here~ I’m about 30yrs old, live in the South East (In HP Time!) of the US, and operate a Dog Boarding and Daycare Facility that I’m currently in the process Buying! I currently live with 9 dogs (Yagi, Simi, Nyru, Iwa, Blue, Ryder, Daisy, Bailey & Mar-Vell.) and 4 cats (Mizuki, Retsuko, Paris & Rome), along with my Fiance! I’ve played HP on and off for 10 years now, originally on account #14448 with my sister G.old. In 2017, I became a little more serious about playing and being involved. I’ve been part of the HP Staff now for a little over 2 years, and couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Admin Team! If you have any questions or want to get to know me, just ask in chat or by message. I love helping out and chatting with everyone!

Content Moderators

Ephemira (#696)

Heyyy, i'm Ephemira! most people call me ephe, aqua, or even pc! I currently live in south Florida with my boyfriend and our adorbs little kitty, Mellow! I work full time in a doctors office and am currently in school for nursing because Pants is the best. In my free time, I'm usually at the beach, painting, or working on some new manipulations for you guys or just chilling in chat!

Mame (#13751)

I’m another Sam; I’m a 30 year old Brit so spend life 5 hours ahead of HP. I work as a cover teacher in a school for kids 11-18. I have a son called Madden who is 9, a boxer dog called Roxy, 2 horses: Linden’s Gemma a 25 year old Thoroughbred who was my eventing horse and TJ a 6 year old Irish Sport Horse. When not on HP I can be found watching soccer, keeping it or baking. I’ve played HP for almost 10 years with my main being #13571; you’ll find me in chat most days.

Saturnia (#44000)

Hey y’all! My name is Skyler! I’m married to my beautiful wife and we have 3 fur-babies! I have a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary studies(psychology, sociology, and history). I live on the West Coast and work from home as a property manager for South Carolina! In my free time, you can find me reading books, watching Netflix, or hiking around the mountains! I also love anything that involves the paranormal, serial killers/true crime, and ASL! Quite the mix - I know! I love to chat and make new friends - so don’t hesitate to reach out! As always, my page is a safe space!

Event Coordinators

Panthera Onca (#13599)

Hey, I'm Panthera, (aka, Pants)! IRL my name is Rebecca, I am 29, and I work as an endoscopy nurse (hence the reason I also answer to the name, Nurse Pants). I am your resident crazy cat lady who lives in Minnesota with my 16 cats and my 5 year old Siberian husky, Kaya. I do not own a horse, but I've been on hp for almost 10 years now, and I am also a HL veteran like many of our players here. When I'm not working or playing HP, you can usually find me traveling or out on the lake with my jet ski. Cooking, reading, and puzzles are also some of my favorite hobbies! Always feel free to message me with any questions, or if you'd just like to chat! :)

Concourse (#1639)

Hello! My name is Sandra. I'm a thirty-something married mother of two beautiful children. I live in the south eastern part of the United States with my family and pets. I love photography, books, crafting (crochet, vinyl, scrapbooking and more), hiking, cycling, and spending time with my family.

Mango (#1802)

Hallo! I am Mango - although I also answer to Monstaccato (and it's many variants), Nina, and Ms. M. I'm just passing 25 years old and am currently wasting time in California before moving somewhere with greener pastures. I have a passion for biology, web design, and too many film and video game franchises. I've found ways to be involved in all those things by teaching bio, coding here on Horse Phenomena, and hosting all kinds of fandom-themed activities. I'm 3 hours behind HP time and you can usually find me online when all normal people are fast asleep. I love to help out and tend to have my fingers in a lot of pies, so I'm always ready to answer questions or make new friends!