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About Us

Welcome to Horse Phenomena!

Horse Phenomena (HP) is a free classic-style online horse and dog game, updated for the modern internet. You can own, breed, train, and show your very own virtual horses and dogs!

On HP, you can compete with other players in shows to make it to the top of the rankings, breed for the highest points, participate in our site-wide contests and events, and interact with other horse and dog lovers from all over the world!

Here on HP we believe in keeping things simple, while letting you decide how you want to play. Do you like to have lots of animals? Do you strive to top the rankings? Are you more into making beautiful images for your horses and dogs? No matter what you love, we have something for your style of gameplay.

The Horse Phenomena staff and community prides itself on being safe and friendly for all ages and players. We have comprehensive and easy-to-follow rules, and mods who are always available for help if you need it.

To get a feel for the community browse our forums, or to read more about us, and see screenshots of the game, check out our "About Us" page! You can also see our help files even if you're not logged in.

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