About the Breed

Arabian horses are most well known for their striking physical characteristics. The most famous of these includes an arched neck, high tail carriage, and the infamous dished face. Other features worth mentioning include a deep chest, large nostrils, small ears that curve inward, and their deep jowls. These high strung horses are extremely intelligent and graceful, and are loyal through-and-through.

Originally from the Arabian Peninsula, Arabians have incredible endurance and are the oldest of the light horse breeds. With the spread of Islam came the dissemination of the Arabian horse to North Africa, France, and Spain. The first Arabian made it into the United States of America as George Washington's horse. The Arabian became extremely popular in the United States after it's appearance in the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. The USA now provides some of the best bred Arabians in the world.

Because Arabians have excellent endurance and are easily trainable, they are used in a variety of athletic events ranging from English to Western disciplines. Whether performing in horse shows or treated as a member of the family, the Arabian horse is a breed that stands out for both it's beauty, purity, and versatility.

Quick Facts

Height: 14.2 - 15 hands

Weight: 1,000 lbs

Coat Colors: Bay, chestnut, gray, black, and roan

Markings: Any white markings

Conformation: Dished face; large eyes; arched neck; muscular chest; straight back; small hooves; and, high tail carriage.

Common Uses: Endurance and distance riding; horse racing; and, many Western and English disciplines.

Temperament: Spirited, sensitive, responsive, learns quickly

Place of Origin: Arabian Peninsula

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