About the Breed

The Moriesian Horse is an officially recognized crossbreed of Morgans and Friesians. They were developed produce a breed that combines the elegance and regal nature of the Friesian with the versatility of the Morgan. Moriesians are lighter than Friesians, and have a more sporthorse-like appearance. Because of their elegance, they are often used for dressage and driving disciplines. Moriesians are extremely versatile and eager to please. Similar to the horse breeds in their bloodlines, they are excellent in the show ring or the family barn.

Quick Facts

Height: 15.0 - 16.0 hands

Weight: 1000 - 1425 pounds

Coat Colors: Black, can be bay or chestnut

Markings: Often no markings

Conformation: Up-headed stature, expressive face, compact body, and long, thick mane and tail

Common Uses: Driving competitions and classical dressage

Temperament: Mild mannered, friendly

Place of Origin: United States

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