Quarter Horse

About the Breed

The Quarter Horse is truly an American breed of horse. It was created to compete in quarter racing, one of the earliest forms of horse racing in America.

The founding stallion was a Thoroughbred named Janus, imported to America in 1756 from a Spanish country. He was a famous sire of great racers in Colonial America.

The Quarter Horse proved capable of many tasks besides racing. When the pioneers moved westward, the Quarter Horse found a new role on the cattle range where its explosive speed and intelligence proved ideal for herding cattle. The Quarter Horse became a choice mount for rodeo riders.

You can find these guys at the race track or at the rodeo, or at doing show jumping now!

Quick Facts

Height: 14 - 16 hands

Weight: 1000 - 1500 pounds

Coat Colors: Any basic color. No paint markings or leopard complex.

Markings: Any white markings.

Conformation: There are three types: the heavy, medium, and light.

Common Uses: All disciplines

Temperament: Calm and/or sometimes hotheaded

Place of Origin: United States

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