American Saddlebred

About the Breed

The "Horse America Made" is a proud and beautiful creature. Often known as the "Pea of the Show Ring" these horses are a step above the rest with their high stepping and elegant nature! With their personality and willing attitude it makes them a joy to be around by owners and admirers alike! They are very athletic and versatile making them a popular mount for many equestrian disciplines. Most commonly seen within the Saddle Seat world, they can be shown in 3-Gaited, 5-Gaited, Park, and Pleasure classes. Fine Harness, Combined Driving, Hunter/Jumper, Cross Country, and Dressage are among the disciplines that follow suit. Many are even blazing their way along the trails and even making excellent parade horses to entertain fans!

With Thoroughbred horses being imported to the Colonies in the early 1700's, colonists bred them with native Narragansett Pacers. Canadian Pacers and Morgan Horse blood was also known to be bred into these animals. This resulted in creating a fine quality riding horse known as "The American Horse" which was later recognized as a breed during the Revolutionary War. During the 1800's the American Hoses traveled westward and continued their breeding with Thoroughbred blood, resulting into the "Kentucky Saddler" horse. These Kentucky Saddlers were a popular mount among Civil War generals with their ease-ability all purpose riding and brave hearts out on the battlefield. During peacetime the demand for saddle horses increased enabling the horse industry to recover and flourish. Around that time was when the first horse shows/exhibitions came about where hor were able to start making a living at training show horses.

The first organization for an American breed of Horse was founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1891. It was known as the National Saddle Horse Breeders Association to current day known as the American Saddlebred Horse Association. The American Horse Shows Association was founded in 1917 allowing for the evolution of horse shows with rules, regulations, and standards to follow and exhibit. The popularity of horse shows greatly increased after World War 2 with shows all across the country and producing some top quality famous horses such as CH Wing Commander, CH Sky Watch, CH Imperator, among so many others! From the 1990's to present day Youth have become an intricate part of the Saddlebred world. With the development of riding programs, clubs, scholarships, challenge classes, and academy classes available they provide and promote the future of the Saddlebred industry, the love of horses, and fun of horse showing!

Today, the American Saddlebred is loved by many and an easy favorite partner for competitions, recreational riding/driving, and they don't look to shabby out in the pasture either! A horse of elegance, grace, power, strength, and heart, these horses take the cake!

Quick Facts

Height: 14 - 17 hands

Weight: 800 - 1200 pounds

Coat Colors: Any color including pinto

Markings: Any

Conformation: Refined head and arched neck, long sloping shoulders and pasterns to provide that extra spring to their step, balanced proportionately, and finely muscled for versatility.

Common Uses: Saddle Seat, Driving, Show, General Riding

Temperament: Spirited, willing, kind, brave, personable

Place of Origin: United States

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