About the Breed

Leonbergers are a giant dog breed, originating in Germany and specifically bred to resemble a lion. On average, Leonbergers stand 2-3 feet tall at the shoulder. They have a gorgeously thick, golden double coat with a black mask. Like Bernese Mountain Dogs, males have a strong, powerful build while females have a slim, curvy build - making it easy to distinguish between genders.

Newfoundlands and an early predecessor of the Saint Bernard were bred with Great Pyrenees and registered as Leonbergers. Originally, the breed resembled the Pyrenees more, with a long white coat. The current golden coat with black mask was introduced after the two world wars decimated the breed. Leonbergers were used to haul ammunition carts for Germany, which resulted in only 8 members of the breed surviving WWII. Today, all Leonbergers can trace their roots back to those eight dogs who survived.

Quick Facts

Height: 30 inches (male); 28 inches (female)

Weight: 120 - 170 lbs (males); 100 - 135 lbs (females)

Coat Colors: Yellow-gold, red, red-brown, sand

Markings: Black mask

Conformation: Height:Length ratio of 9:10; head is deeper than it is broad, rectangular. Withers above a level back to a gently sloping croup. Slightly tucked up underline. Broad, deep chest. Tail hangs straight when relaxed.

Common Uses: Guardian, family dog

Temperament: Soft-tempered, gentle, loyal, friendly

Place of Origin: Germany

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