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FENDI >> and his IG EMPIRE
January 10th, 2019 2:18:56pm
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Hey guys,

Just recently started playing again and don't know what the right price for services are. I have figured out tickets and shows from looking at the advertising boards, but what is everything else going for? Animals, graphics, training, etc. I have a lot of different animals on spare accounts that I want to sell when I am done training them, what are they worth as far as points? Second generation? That kind of stuff.... I know it varies but just a general idea would help! Thanks in advance!



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tana ;; ich bin ausländer
January 11th, 2019 2:04:47am
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Graphics really vary based on how people value your particular style. There's not really a set price for headshots or full body pics, for example; people go based off what others are willing to pay for their graphics. Throw a few pics in the auctions and let people bid; eventually you'll get a feel for what you can charge for custom orders.

Training can be anywhere from 100-200k per horse with enter-all. Some people charge double if the player doesn't have enter-all or won't train at all in that case, because of how time-consuming it is. You can pretty much just decide a price from that range and people will likely come to you for training.

As for animal sales, it definitely depends on a few things: demand, breed, age-points ratio, generation (if it's generation 2 or higher, how many points do the ancestors have), has it been bred or not, and your asking price. It's best to just put animals up for bid with the starting price set at 1 and see what happens. I can give a few examples:

- I've sold 2nd gen. Finnhorse backup foals (they all had about 90k points at birth, including achievements) for 5 mill each, and I've even bought a 2nd gen. Paint foal with similar stats for 5 mill. However, in the case of the Paint, which is so popular on here, it's possible it could go for up to 10 mill, if someone were to outbid me. But let's say there was a 2nd gen. Paint with 5miller parents, then despite being only 2nd generation, the points of the parents, as well as its birth points, would significantly increase the price. If some Paint breeders could weigh in on how much they'd pay for said foal, that would be great! I'm pretty bad at pricing lol.

- Another example with my Finnhorses: I have a private line that is currently on its 9th generation, and since the 3rd or 4th generation, this line has been in 80, and then 100 private shows per week. I sold a foal two generations ago for 250 mill, which you can view here. I've no doubt that if there was a strong enough demand, I could ask 300 mill for a 10th generation backup.

- In terms of selling stores that you train every week, be careful not to sell too many at a time, especially if you want them all gone at once. I feel like you could get anywhere between 1-5 mill per horse or dog, depending on the points they have at the age which they're sold (assuming you haven't used private shows or tickets on them - using these means you can expect higher bids).


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