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Cash Shop Changes and Club Updates

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Master Administrator Samantha
March 12th, 2019 12:40:04pm
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Hello HP!


Sorry I'm editing this news post after posting it, I should have just waited to make a club announcement but I wasn't thinking!


Anyway, here we go!


Cash Shop Changes

I have adjusted cash shop prices! A few items have gone up, and a few have gone down. This is part of our continuing efforts to adjust to HP's changing economy like I discussed in HP's State of the Union Address, and also to hopefully make some items more in line with what they're worth.


As always, prices on HP are ever-evolving so we will make adjustments accordingly.


Also! We are getting a few new cash shop items pretty soon! They will be:

  • Retirement breeding breeding boost

  • Retirement breeding twinning potion breeding boost

  • Twinning potion breeding boost


    Club Update

  • IPO Club, All Horses Club, Pony Club, Rare Horse Breed Club, and Sport Horse Club are all having layout raffles with a total of $150mil in combined prizes.


  • Gaited Club is hosting an ASB Breed Embassy Raffle ~ I'm raffling off my mascot entry and a few other American Saddlebreds for anyone interested in the breed. A little picture scavenger hunt is required to get ticket #'s for entry. Additionally there is a HPD Drawing ~ message BV what your favorite thing about Spring is for entry! Up to 4 names drawn at the end of term to win some HPD!


    Are you a club president and want us to post about your club's events, registry, and contests? Message me on account #1 with your contests/events to get them featured in our weekly club happenings post! As long as we have events and club news to post, we will be doing one weekly! But you have to send it in to me every week for it to be included. If there are no updates from presidents, we won't make a post, but you can/should still check club pages for events!



    Happy Monday!




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    Master Administrator Samantha
    March 13th, 2019 4:02:20pm
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    Bumping to make sure people see this!


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