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shee ‡ the lavish lhasas
March 13th, 2019 4:58:06pm
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The Lhasa Apso

"Standing less than a foot high at the shoulder, Lhasas are small but hardy dogs of aristocratic bearing. They’re famous for a floor-length, flat-hanging coat, parted in the middle and draping each side of the body. A feathery tail curls over the back in the distinct manner of Tibetan breeds. The breed’s fans say the dark, oval-shaped eyes—peeping through lavish facial hair—are the windows of a Lhasa’s merry soul. The complete picture is unmistakably Asian: exotic, elegant, and serenely well balanced."


A Little History

"This thousand-year-old breed served as sentinel dogs at palaces and Buddhist monasteries isolated high in the Himalayan Mountains. For centuries Lhasas have been associated with the Dalai Lama. In the late 1940s, dogs bred and given as gifts by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama helped establish the breed in America. In Tibetan folklore the country’s protector is the mythical Snow Lion, and Lhasas, the 'bearded lion dogs,' are the Snow Lion’s earthly representatives. Lhasa is the name of Tibet’s sacred city; Apso means 'longhaired dog.'"


Lhasa Personality

"The Lhasa is generally not a couch potato and is adept at self-exercise. They will race around an apartment to run off energy, entertain themselves in a fenced yard, or take their owners on a brisk walk. Mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise. They excel at agility, can do scent work, and have been known to retrieve and herd. There are talented Lhasas certified as therapy dogs working in hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, and prisons."

"Lhasa Apsos will please you if it pleases them to please you. They are highly intelligent, sometimes compared to a willful toddler. They can learn just about anything that a trainer makes interesting enough to master—on their terms. They do not appreciate repetitive drill and can become uncommonly stubborn if bullied or badgered. Most cases of unacceptable Lhasa behavior involve situations with inconsistent, improper, or nonexistent human leadership. This is a breed for creative, motivated people who enjoy a canine companion of like mind."



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Lhasa Apso Monastery

Every generation, I will train pairs of ambassador dogs to give to anyone interested in starting Lhasa Apsos.
One pair will be given free of charge to new breeders only!
Established breeders are welcome to purchase a starter pair, or purchase a breeding/backup puppy within my public lines.
All breed ambassador dogs are located within the 'C — Breed Ambassador Dogs' divider.

March 10th - 2 starter pairs available here.
Next starter pairs available June 23rd, 2019.




In addition, I also offer backup puppies and/or breeding to any Lhasas located within the 'B — Public Lines' divider on this account.
Due to being the only breeder, I do not have my dogs up for public stud and I only breed my pairs once.
Please message me if you are interested in breeding to one of my males or would like to purchase a backup puppy!


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Lafitte ✘ be a voice not a echo
March 13th, 2019 5:05:48pm
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I would be intersted in a starter pair :)


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shee ‡ the lavish lhasas
March 13th, 2019 6:53:41pm
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Lafitte - Yaay, I'm so happy! I'll go accept!


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