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The KPOP Thread

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mango • 🍑 back home! orders being filled!
May 3rd, 2019 1:45:02am
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(because we're here, scattered through the HP community, naming animals after songs and quietly honoring our biases)

As HP's unofficial and self-appointed K-pop Ambassador, I decided I'd love to get to know you all (and have a place to scream when my boys accomplish something awesome)! I've noticed a handful of fans around - players who have animals with familiar names and those who own it in their bios - so here's the place to introduce yourself, rep your group(s), and meet each other!

For my introduction, I got into k-pop in 2015 with EXO ("El Dorado" - although ironically, it was the EXO-M version). I followed them for a while, long enough to learn all the members (OT12) and latch onto Chanyeol, but it wasn't until I saw Block B's "Nillili Mambo" music video and fell hard for Zico with his pinkish blond dreds that I got hooked lol. I'm still a BBC and will love those kids to the day I die, but my bias group is hands down BTS. I found them in December 2015 (during their "Run" era) and have been a proud ARMY ever since! I sold my soul to Sunshine Personified (a.k.a. J-Hope - Jung Hoseok), and life hasn't been the same since xD While I haven't been a hardcore stan for a couple years now, I still wholeheartedly support them, their work, and thier mission and do my best to follow their achievements! #LoveYourself #SpeakYourself

Listening since: mid-2015
Bias group/artist: BTS
Other groups/artists: Block B, B.A.P, EXO, NCT, Zico, Dean, various others
Ultimate Bias: Jung Hoseok
Other biases: Zico, Moon Jongup, Park Chanyeol
Concerts? KCON LA July 2016 (BTS, Block B, SHINee, Dean, Monsta X, Astro, Twice, I.O.I, GFriend), BTS Wings Tour @ LA (April 2017)
Anything else? I have a long lost twin and his name is Park Jimin.


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↬ PRYNNE 🐇 will be out of town august 17-19!
May 3rd, 2019 5:33:26am
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Listening since: 
Early 2009

First Song Ever: 
Nobody - Wonder Girls -
(A friend I was gaming with on Left 4 Dead asked if I had ever heard of the Wonder Girls from Korea then proceeded to link me the song.)

Favorite Songs: 
TT - Twice -
Likey - Twice -
La Vie en Rose - IZ*ONE -
Red Flavor - Red Velvet -
Red - Hyuna -
Lipstick - Orange Caramel -
My Copycat - Orange Caramel -
Gashina - SUNMI -
Hot Summer - f(x) -
Gee - Girls Generation -
Oh! - Girls Generation -
Kill This Love - BLACKPINK -
Shake It - Sistar -
Good-bye Baby - miss A -

Favorite Dances: 
We Are a Bit Different - EvoL -
Dolls - Nine Muses -
Forever Young - BLACKPINK -
Dance The Night Away - Twice -
Yes or Yes - Twice -
Ooh-Ahh - Twice -
Ddu-du Ddu-du - BLACKPINK -
Crazy - 4Minute -
Red Flavor - Red Velvet -
Likey - Twice -

Favorite groups: 
Sistar, Twice

Favorite members: 
Bora (Sistar), Joy (Red Velvet), Luna (f(x)), Dahyun & Sana (Twice)

Favorite solo: 

As you can tell from my lists, I listen to zero boy KPOP bands. I just can't get into them.


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Jaya has a pretty layout that needs to be filled out
May 4th, 2019 12:30:44pm
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My sister-in-law loves K-Pop. What one song would you reccomend I listen to? :P


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mango • 🍑 back home! orders being filled!
May 4th, 2019 4:26:23pm
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Oh geez, I guess it depends on whether you'd be more of a girl or boy group person lol. Prynne can probably recommend a girl group song, for me - I'd say "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" by BTS -

(And because it was so hard to pick one, if you prefer something with a lighter atmosphere (like probably most girl group songs), you could give Boy With Luv by BTS a shot ((it's new :p)) - )


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↬ PRYNNE 🐇 will be out of town august 17-19!
May 4th, 2019 5:52:03pm
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Something you have to understand about KPOP is that the music is only part of the equation. The music video production and general group style and member personality play a huge role in what drives people to enjoy it. It is pretty different IMO to western music.

Solid Intro Songs (very popular & current groups): 
Red Flavor - Red Velvet -
Ohh Ahh - Twice -

Modern-style KPOP: Forever Young - BLACKPINK -
Cutesy KPOP: Likey - Twice -
Retro-style KPOP: I Feel You - Wonder Girls -
Something a bit different: La Vie en Rose - IZ*ONE -

The range in styles for KPOP is pretty wide! If you don't like one group's style, look at others. Some groups are more mature and sexy while others are more cutesy and young. There is honestly something for everyone as long as you like pop in general. (:


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mango • 🍑 back home! orders being filled!
May 4th, 2019 7:24:08pm
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A large part of why BTS is so popular (and probably the biggest part of their journey to success) is how open and connected they are with their fans. The members have a joint Twitter account that they all tweet from frequently, they're constantly doing livestreams where the members just sit and talk with fans - answering questions in the comments and stuff, their agency posts a lot of behind-the-scenes videos on their YouTube channel. All of this allows the fans to get to know each member and their personalty and to connect with them unlike most Western artists. Jung Hoseok is my favorite member and someone I identify with and support passionately because he shared his story and it mirrors mine - what he struggled with, the times he almost gave up, the things he holds onto for strength, the battle he's constantly waging (all while keeping up his cutesty, upbeat, over-the-top stage persona). And others have their own favorite member for their own reasons.

The story behind the music is a big part too - at least for BTS fans. The last few albums (starting with Wings and going through the Love Yourself album series) have been telling a story about mental health and the constant battle that is living with depression (all of the members have opened up about their mental health struggles). They started a campaign for mental health awareness, especially in youth (and even spoke before UN about it). They've connected even deeper with their fans and attracted a lot of new ones through the messages in their music.

And then there's the artistic style of each group, the type of music they lean towards producing, the type of dance choreography and stage personas they portray. There's just so much that goes into liking k-pop lol.

That said, it's totally possible to simply listen the music and like what you're hearing (if you don't mind not understanding 95% of the lyrics should you not speak Korean; but there's always Google for looking up lyric translations :p). Like Gangnam Style and how popular that was lol. I wouldn't consider you any less of a fan if you just liked the music and couldn't name any of the members ^^ It's just that in my experience it's all the deeper stuff that hooks people and draws the kind of support that kpop groups get.


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audacity • disappeared again •
May 5th, 2019 10:23:12am
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OKAY. So, you know I'll have a TON to say about this. When I have the time I'll come back and write my essay. In the meantime I LOVE MY MINSEOK (Xiumin from EXO) SO MUCH AND I'M SO SAD HE'S GOING INTO THE SERVICE IN TWO DAYS.


On the bright side BTS concert on the 18th and I'm super pumped and can't wait!!!


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mango • 🍑 back home! orders being filled!
May 5th, 2019 10:03:08pm
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AUDA I NEED YOUR SNAPCHAT AND/OR INSTAGRAM BECAUSE I NEED TO LIVE THROUGH YOU PLS THNX (and i beg you to scream my sunshine's name for me just once lol).


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audacity • disappeared again •
May 6th, 2019 7:40:46pm
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"OPPA J HOPE, MONNIE LOVES YOU" I'll scream that in a snap for you!


Snapchat: Sushikaty

instagram: ahoymateyitskaty


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mango • 🍑 back home! orders being filled!
May 6th, 2019 10:32:22pm
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mango • 🍑 back home! orders being filled!
May 16th, 2019 12:21:58am
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I just wanna drop in here and say A T EE Z is a thing and I just????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Like thanks Pariah, I really needed this in my life


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