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TB Project

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fenway }} thoroughbreds
May 10th, 2019 9:30:18pm
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Hi ya'll!

In Times of War is currently on track to be my highest pointed animal ever on HP!!! WOOT WOOT!

I am super excited and super emotional at the same time! Lol

As some of you know, No Easy Day was my highest pointed animal ever trained. He was the first Thoroughbred on the game to reach 7 million points, and remained the highest pointed Thoroughbred on the game for many years. He has since been surpassed by some amazing Thoroughbreds 😊😍

NED's legacy lives within In Times of War!

My goal for War is to reach a minimum of 8 million points, to exceed his great great great (not sure how many "greats" lol) grandsire, and for his offspring to become the highest pointed Thoroughbred on the game! I will be aiming for 15 million points! Hehe

Please help support this project!

I will be looking for ALL horse tickets in exchange for HPD and/or upgrades!

I am willing to reserve for long term! 😘

Thank you all sooooo much for your continuous support and well wishes


- fen


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Moderator Maharet is Hangry
May 11th, 2019 12:19:53am
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take my tickets XD
well when they come in ;)


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tana ;; main ;; finnhorse empire
May 11th, 2019 2:17:32am
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Idk if my tickets come in before he retires, but you're welcome to reserve mine starting now for his offspring :)


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Jaya has a pretty layout that needs to be filled out
May 11th, 2019 3:06:39pm
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You're welcome to reserve mine for as long as you need them! HPD or upgrades, whatever we can work out when the time comes. :)


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Moderator phisness || pca || the wind will blow the direction it chooses
May 11th, 2019 11:58:02pm
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i have 80 sets that come in on the 1st =D

Breeder of HP's best Tennessee Walking Horses


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