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Testing and Club Contest Updates

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Master Administrator Samantha
June 11th, 2019 6:41:09pm
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Hello HP'ers!


I have a couple of announcements for you!


Show Testing

We will be making some changes to weekly cron over the next couple days which will require us to run it potentially several times for testing purposes. Specifically the part of the cron that resets your ability to make public shows. This will not remove shows that you've already made for the week or run shows early and it shouldn't really interfere with your ability to make shows later this week - the only effect you may notice is if you have bought the double public shows from the cash shop and have not used them yet this week! (If this is the case, please message me on account #1 so we can make sure you get your shows!). Otherwise, hopefully it'll be quick and painless!


Club Updates

  • Mythical Horses Club and Race Horse Club are hosting mascot contests!


    Are you a club president and want us to post about your club's events, registry, and contests? Message me on account #1 with your contests/events to get them featured in our weekly club happenings post! As long as we have events and club news to post, we will be doing one weekly! But you have to send it in to me every week for it to be included. If there are no updates from presidents, we won't make a post, but everyone can/should still check club pages for events!


    Have a great evening!




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    Moderator Maharet stay Hangry
    June 12th, 2019 10:59:42am
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    show bump!


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    Administrator ~Broken Vow~ (New Layout!)
    June 12th, 2019 1:07:31pm
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    Enter my Clubs' contests!!! D: D:

    Testing ='s Progress ='s Whoot!!!


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    tana ;; ich bin ausländer
    June 16th, 2019 1:36:34am
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    So I currently can't make my private shows at the time I'm writing this. It says I've created enough shows in the past 7 days. It let me make my public shows just fine. Did this reset make it so I can only make them later or is it a glitch?

    EDIT: Public shows are working fine on my end, I made 2 of each just now.


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    Master Administrator Samantha
    June 16th, 2019 8:31:36am
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    This should be fixed! It was my fault because I left a line in from testing accidentally, sorry about that. It let you make publics because I had to reset those again last week to fix another bug, so you had extras of those leftover.


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