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Mod Prize Awarded

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merry mangomas • 🎄
July 26th, 2019 7:16:47am
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Just a little thing having to do with the message received when points are awarded (pretty much just cosmetic, but thought I'd point it out)

I believe this is part of the new system Sam was setting up to make awarding go quicker :P But when I get points added to my horse, the message tells me that "____ points have been added to horse #00000 because reason." However, the "points added" part is actually telling me the points on my horse at the time the points are added, rather the amount of points added :P I don't know if it's the points before the prize or the points after, but I'm 100% sure my pon didn't receive 1,820,464 points for Mod Madness lol.

Message - Points my pon has (she did go through some shows after I got the message and before taking the screenshot)



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Master Administrator Samantha
July 26th, 2019 7:11:28pm
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Fixed! :). Thanks for the heads up.


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