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Need help on best dry food for kittys

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* Lakra Upgrade (takeing best offer on dog tixs
September 25th, 2019 11:42:17am
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Hey Vet/hp Peeps


So Baby is on the kitten Hills Science diet. I want to keep her on a brand that be good for her bones cause of her fused elbow. but I need to plan it into my monthly spending (like we all have to do) I also have Simba so he is eating it as well. DO you guys like this brand? or is there another one you guys recommending? I have heard from a lot to stay away from the blue buffalo one. Asking around. And how long should I keep her on the kitten food?


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September 26th, 2019 7:26:12pm
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-waddles in and steps onto small box-

Herro Lakra! I are Koni, and I have been researching dog and kitty foods for quite some time now because lets face it, I'm an obsessive weirdo.


Anywhoozles - 


Hills is one of the dog foods that I like to group with Beneful Dog Foods - Aka BLECK. It is pushed too harshly by vets and is not a quality food at all. While there have been issues with Blue Buffalo since they have gotten larger, they are still (In my Opinion) better than Hills. My Personal top brands (On a budget) are as follows - (Not sure if these are available where you are If not, let me know and I can do some digging for other options for you!) 


Diamond Naturals (The White topped Bag, NOT the all Pink or Purple ones)
4 Health Cat Food (If you have a Tractor Supply Store available near you!) 
Pure Balance (Surprisingly a Walmart Food, however a VERY Good brand with close to no recalls!) 
Rachael Ray Nutrush (A little more pricy, but still good!)


Now - I will fully admit I have fed my kitts Meow Mix, Iams, and even Kit&Kaboodle at times when money was tight. So don't fret! 


Also - Kittens should have wet food if able to as well as part of their daily diet to help them grow! You can get mini cans at most pet supply retailers like Petsmart of Petco! These don't have to be top brand or expensive, but I recommend getting ones that have meat as the first ingredient, not water! So like Chicken, Salmon, Turkey or what not. Many will have "Water Sufficient for Processing" Try to find one that doesn't have that listed as the first ingredient. If you cant, just make sure meat is the 2nd ingredient! :D 


-Steps off tiny box and waddles back to her corner-


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JD Farms||Arctic Wolves
September 26th, 2019 11:12:29pm
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I have tried quite a few brands of cat food with the two I currently have. They will only eat Kit and Kaboodle. It also has to do with how picky your cats are. I have tried Blue Wilderness, Hill's Science Diet, Rachel Ray, Iams and Crave. They both refused to eat anything that was not Kit and Kaboodle. They are the pickiest eaters I've had so far. They literally cry when I put a different brand in their food dish!


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* Lakra Upgrade (takeing best offer on dog tixs
September 26th, 2019 11:32:16pm
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both Simba and Baby arent fond of wet food. they only want the jucse part lol. noone of thouse brands (at least thouse names) are here in oregon (at leas tmy part) has anyone used chewy? heard there great on finding pet foods and getting it shiped to u


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⋄ trig ⋄
September 26th, 2019 11:43:01pm
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I love love love Royal Canin. I went to their Pet Health and Nutrition Center in June and it was amazing. They have done so much research into their diets, it's crazy. You can even call or chat online with a member of the nutritional staff about which diet to choose for your pet. (it's also available on Chewy if you go that route)

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* Lakra Upgrade (takeing best offer on dog tixs
September 27th, 2019 12:05:09am
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i been seeing the royel one at our vet more then the scince diet one now days


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noxhidis | foxes
October 1st, 2019 4:59:42pm
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I'm not familiar with which brands are best for maintaining bone health--that'd be something you'd be best off consulting with your veterinarian about.

That being said, I would NOT recommend Rachel Ray. The clinic I work at sees cats all the time with urinary issues caused by that brand.

Hill's is a ~meh~ food. Royal Canin and Blue Buffalo are both good brands, in my opinion. If you need something less expensive, Iams is a decent low-budget food. And yes, Chewy is a great place to buy from! You can even work with your vet to get prescription foods via their site should you ever need it. :)


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* Lakra Upgrade (takeing best offer on dog tixs
October 2nd, 2019 1:39:12am
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someone I know and trust well about things with the cats says to stay away from the blue buffio brand. So I not gonna try them. Thouth I heard there not havein issues like they use too. This person has an rescue for wild cats and hybrids (Domsic and not) so not gonna go there. But looking into ohter brands people have posted


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Event Coordinator mango 🍑 running away to Galaxy's Edge
October 3rd, 2019 8:23:18pm
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I don't have a specific brand or anything, but just a little bit of advice. My two cats have been fed generic kibble their whole lives (Meow Mix, Friskies, etc). Only rarely did they get canned food. We discovered earlier this year that Bagheera had developed diabetes and other health issues (including urinary tract issues) because his diet was solely kibble. He and Precious were both grossly obese as well because we would leave a food dish out for them to graze on any time of day.

So now we're a LOT more careful about what we feed them. In fact, there's no more cat kibble in the house - they both get Fancy Feast Pate canned food two times a day at set mealtimes. No more grazing as well. Both have lost a healthy amount of weight and Bagheera is now a diet-regulated diabetic (woo!). However, because Precious was so used to being a grazer, she's developed an issue where if her stomach gets too empty, she throws up bile :/

Basically, investing in canned food that has meat first (like Koni said) and set mealtimes can go a long way towards kitty's health in later years. Of course, this is based on indoor cats; my experience may not apply at all towards outdoor/active cats ^^



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Dizzy - Ready For Fall(MAIN)
October 3rd, 2019 8:42:36pm
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I dont know on bone health but my cats do good on 9 Lives but the Indoor complete. 2 of mine have sensitive stomachs and that has helped and price isnt bad.  


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Scor. {Belmont first? Not feelin' it =/}
October 10th, 2019 2:18:29am
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I have a VERY picky eater on my hands and after spending way more money than I should have, I found that Rachael Ray nutrias is quite literally the only dry food dependably. I looked into it some hoping I wasn’t feeding my cat trash... and I was pretty pleased with what I found. It’s a very solid brand the food for the price is good quality. I would promote RRN. Plus it’s pretty easy to find,l.


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