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Happy December!

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Master Administrator Samantha
December 1st, 2019 1:13:04am
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Happy December Everyone!

It's time to kick off our HP holiday events! Read below for more info about each and every one.


24 Days of Christmas

It's our sixth annual 24 Days of Christmas Challenge! Our staff team is running a series of mini-events throughout the entire month of December leading up to Christmas. Every day, a new mini-game will be posted around midnight HP time (unless the game is time-specific). You will have 24 hours from then to complete that days task.


All mini-games will be posted in this forum, to avoid flooding the news feed!


The first game will go live in the forums at around 12 AM HP time and you have until 11:59 PM HP time (unless otherwise specified) to submit your entry. You will message whichever mod is running the game that day with your entry. You also may only submit one entry per game. Please do not submit from multiple accounts.


All upcoming events are posted on our calendar and on our mini calendar which is right over in the Mini News -------->



1. Each game will have it's own individual prize and will be listed on the game posting.

2. If you complete 12 out of 24 games, you will also get 10,000 animal points and 15 mil HPD.

3. If you complete 24 out of 24 games, you will also get 20,000 animal points and 30 mil HPD. You will also receive an achievement for completing the 24 days of christmas challenge!


Secret Santa and Holiday Raffle

The 2019 Secret Santa and Holiday Raffle are up on the Secret Santa account!


Secret Santa: Want to give and receive a gift this holiday season? Then the HP Secret Santa is for you! We are accepting entries until December 18th!


Holiday Raffle: We're giving away account #2020 AND #123 and some serious HPD.


See the account page for details on both events. Click here to go to Secret Santa account!


Blitz's EPIC Christmas Word Search

Welcome to the 2019 edition of Blitz' epic Christmas word search! This year, there are 50 words to be found! How it works is: I give you the puzzle, and you have to come up with (and find!) 50 Christmas-related words in the puzzle. Then! Send me on my main the list of all of the words AND a screen shot of the completed word search! I will then tell you if you have found all 50, or if some of your words aren't on my list (and which words they are that are wrong!).


I will reveal 2 words a day between December 1st, and 25th, generally around 12pm game time. The deadline to submit your finished word search is December 25th at midnight game time....after that I will be awarding all prizes.


ALSO! If you miss one of the 24 days of Christmas but do this word search, it will replace 1 day you missed!


Find the word search and the daily words on account 9739!!



A Patchwork is a collection of small graphic patches that, when put together, makes a giant picture of awesomeness! After the due date for patches, I will put them all together and post the finished product! This is the seventh year we have done this!


Please see account 29849 for more information and how to submit patches!


Deadline is JANUARY 15th!


Previous patchworks (click to expand).









Cyber Monday

YAAYYY! HP's annual Cyber Monday sale will be TOMORROW, December 2nd! Sales will go up at approximately 8 am and last until 11:59 pm HP time! Keep an eye on the news throughout the day in case there are flash sales ;).



You'll be able to find links to all of the holiday event accounts in the Community tab.


Happy holidays, HP!




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HP's Secret Santa & Holiday Raffle!!!
December 1st, 2019 10:16:58pm
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*Jingle Bells*


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Administrator Binny ❤
December 1st, 2019 11:32:02pm
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december is my most favourite month of the year!
I cannot wait!!!



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PHISM || pca ||just poking around
December 1st, 2019 11:50:09pm
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