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Kyuubi || The Birthday Project || The Decoded Project Next!
January 23rd, 2020 2:00:38am
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I, Kyuubi, have taken over as the Holsteiner Breed Ambassador and have plans to try to get them into becoming popular again, so please check back after the Mascot Contest for updates.

I could give you guys a history on the breed, or tell you about two Holsteiners that I work with and one Holsteiner cross. I thought to finally make a post since so I have something I can add to. The horses I'll be introducing to you are Adonis, Cato, and Herbie.

Adonis: is a bay 16.2hh Canadian TB/Holsteiner gelding, he loves his picture taken, rolling in the sand and rain/sprinklers raining down on him. He has anxiety about changes in his routine so it takes a while to build his trust, he also has anxiety about far away noises and doesn't like men. He's actually a pretty social horse once you get to know him and will "help" you clean his stall, he'll open his shavings bag and spread it around or if you give him a broom he'll try to sweep. I work with him on a daily basis so I would say we have a very good bond (I think he might love me more than his mom, shh don't tell her that).

Cato: is a dark bay 16.3hh Holsteiner gelding, he loves to have you itch him (sometimes a little too much), sharing food with Herbie and his owner. When he turns out, he can no longer have other horses with him as he gets them to groom him to the point that he has wounds and will let his neighbor bite him if the hotwire is down.

Herbie: is a bay 16.1hh Holsteiner gelding, he is my boy and I spoil him rotten, we share carrots and hay with Cato and he loves all the other horses, even if they don't like him (a little too friendly for his own good). Loves children, is an absolute angel for them under saddle too and knows when he has more experienced riders on his back as he'll tattle tale on them if they aren't riding him correctly.

[2.14-15.20] So we just had a horse show, Cato & Herbie went to the show with two junior riders whose horses were not ready so they were filling in. The stabling was portable stalls since Cato has anxiety about trailering to a new place and being boarded away from horses he knows, we had him and Herbie next to each other with another horse Lance. Well, Cato basically was biting Lance on the but who was liking it until he bit too hard and Lance double barrel kicked the fence into Cato, needless to say, they had to be separated. Cato eats orchard hay and Herbie timothy, but I brought a 10lb busy hay of timothy for them to share and hung it in Herbie's portable stall but the bars allowed Cato to eat it too (I got cute pictures). Cato that brat paid more attention to the busy hay then his own dinner. Apparently, in the early morning on the 15th, one of the caretakers at the place told us that Cato was bugging Herbie, but Herbie being too nice for his own good would stand there and take it but kick the bar in response, I'm so happy that I wrapped him that night, I had a feeling that would happen. Both boys had a great show day, they were in the same classes so it worked in Cato's favor to never be left alone in the portable stall. If you guys follow Herbie at all on FB; I'm going to get videos from the show up on his page in the next few days as well as some pictures.



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Community Ambassador Jaya;; Remember Serenity
January 23rd, 2020 8:00:56pm
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Sounds awesome!



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Kuwait: The Alsatian King | German Shepaholic |
January 23rd, 2020 9:02:46pm
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A way to prevent logout during typing a lot is to have chat or ads chat open in a separate tab. ^_^

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January 23rd, 2020 9:05:01pm
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Kuwait, Kyuubi is using her phone. Multiple tabs don't work too well. 



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