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Finally back to hp!

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bailee • akitas •
February 8th, 2020 2:35:27pm
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Hi guys!

I took a long hiatus from HP a while back as real life stuff got in the way. But I've finally returned and decided on a fresh name. Going to start a line of akitas this weekend and upgrade my account finally. Nice to meet everyone again theres a lot of people I don't remember and lots of new content :D


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↬ PRYNNE 🐇 saint of the sinners
February 8th, 2020 4:15:58pm
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Welcome back!! (:



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Moderator ✵ Panthera Onca // Vote for Fabulous Frank 🦄 ✵
February 8th, 2020 5:12:37pm
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welcome back!!



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Master Administrator Samantha
February 10th, 2020 8:36:09am
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Yay! Welcome back :).


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bailee • akitas •
February 11th, 2020 1:37:52pm
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thanks eveyone :D


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Administrator ~Broken Vow~ ♫Lost in a February Song♫
February 11th, 2020 1:56:26pm
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Welcome back! :D



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Moderator Maharet - playing catch up
February 11th, 2020 5:31:07pm
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Moderator ephemira ♫ Mascot FRANK!! 🦄
February 11th, 2020 6:04:56pm
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welcome back!! :DD


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Community Ambassador Saturnia ♄ || VOTE FOR FOXFIRE !
February 19th, 2020 3:53:44pm
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Yayyy! Welcome back! If you need any help - feel free to shoot me a message! 



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