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Changing Food Likes?

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Kuwait: The Alsatian King | Material Boy |
February 24th, 2020 12:02:38am
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Has anyone experienced this?

I used to hate brussels sprouts, but now like them, particularly button ones.
I used to hate the look of pickled gherkins, but after trying them, I love them. But they have to have been fully submerged in the vinegar for a bit before I eat them so they're crunchy.
I used to think guacamole looked gross, but love it now. 

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Kyuubi || Mental Health Issues & Insanely Busy
February 24th, 2020 3:24:18am
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Yes, there have been foods I used to eat as a kid that I can't stand anymore (Poi and Radishes for example) and foods that I couldn't tolerate but now can eat. I definitely agree with the guacamole thing, I use to say "ewww your eating green stuff" and that was the end of it.

Random question; what's a gherkin?



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Kuwait: The Alsatian King | Material Boy |
February 24th, 2020 7:43:51pm
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Poi looks...goopy, but interesting!

Gherkins are pickled small cucumbers. lol
Actually, it's odd that I like gherks becuse I hate cucumbers. XD

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Event Coordinator Panthera Onca // I shall not be moved
February 24th, 2020 8:03:18pm
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same. i used to hate salad when I was a kid and squash. love them both now. I'm told when you're young you have the most tastes buds and they slowly die off as you get older...which is much of why you learn to like foods as you get older that you used to not like when you were a kid ;P



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Master Administrator Samantha
February 25th, 2020 2:26:52pm
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For sure! I think your tolerance for bitterness increases as you get older (so like in veggies) and I know your taste buds do change.


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𝒥ax ♡ wants your htix! support project NEON! ♡
February 28th, 2020 10:00:50am
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I used to have a major sweet tooth as a kid but now I can't stand most sweet things. The most I can do is bitter chocolate xD My tollerance for bitter things has definitely gone up and now bitter/acidic foods are some of my favorites. 



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Content Moderator Saturnia ♄ ᛉ | 🖤 ..back to the books! Round 2..
March 16th, 2020 6:06:44pm
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Fun Fact : Taste buds change every 7 years! So, yes it is veryyyy common for things that you did not like as a child, you now enjoy as an adult . 



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Eyre • you have everything you need if you just believe
June 1st, 2020 9:29:17pm
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I guess I could maybe go with the brussel sprout thing, but I believe it was the way they were cooked that started my aversion to them as a kid. I'll take raw or baked brussel sprouts any day, now, but I don't think I could do them boiled or steamed, again. Just too mushy. I used to like Ranch dressing as we had that, as a child, very often; but now, ranch dressing is too sweet for me. Same with milk chocolate - I've switched over to the dark side, quite literally. But, I think a lot of my food aversions, now, have to do with denying myself such foods for so long that I "think" I could say my taste has changed for them when in reality I just haven't had them for awhile and it comes from a food rule instead.



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June 1st, 2020 9:30:47pm
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For one, I mean, I'm just more willing to try stuff as an adult than I would as a kid lmao



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Administrator blitz ☃️ 🎄 merry christmas, happy holiday 🌈
June 1st, 2020 9:31:03pm
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gherkins are delicious!


I used to not like mushrooms and zucchini but now i love them both!



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