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Pixel Pon Adoptables :D

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s u b я o s a • BRB, dealing with stuff •
May 13th, 2020 6:16:40pm
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*waves* hullo!

Been having a play with some pixel ponies as it's therapeutic, keeps me quiet and stops me from purchasing more pixel rottes xD

These are for sale, asking for 5 million each *hopeful*  (if you are a new player, I will happy provide you with one for free!)

They will be first come first served, simply comment the corresponding number that you would like and send payment. I will remove icons once they have been purchased to save confusion. I can make adjustments such as adding names only.

I am not currently taking custom orders but I am happy to take colour requests.

Please give them a home... otherwise they will remain on my computer... shut away in the dark :'(

1. (taken) kBCkk0o.png  2. (taken) l2WhvA1.png 3. (taken) QAm6usx.png

4. (taken)  0YWRpXK.png5. 1FDQOsX.png6. (taken) Lc0sFdS.png

7. (taken). Eg8qJ8o.png 8. 4IhTrGs.png9. CwrG7AL.png

plT0USADp pl1K6cTZp poe6PCaCp


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Kuwait: The Alsatian King | Horse Racing Is Cruel |
May 13th, 2020 9:20:55pm
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I'd love one but can't choose! D:
It's a shame Overture isn't active, because #4 would be perfect for her. lol

giphy.gif PitaPata Dog tickers


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N.adhima 💞 Phenomenal Paints
May 13th, 2020 9:24:08pm
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.:nessa:. Willow Gate Farm Hanoverians
May 13th, 2020 9:33:03pm
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I love #1!  


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chime » dare to dream ♥
May 13th, 2020 9:54:30pm
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Is six still available? Could you make a dachshund? My dachshund line is probably going to be the most successful XD


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Community Ambassador Concourse | Tears in Heaven
May 13th, 2020 10:02:00pm
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I'll take 4. I kinda want one similar to 6 too 😍🤩



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audacity • on vacation until July 8th! •
May 13th, 2020 10:03:39pm
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Taylinn; Golden Saints
May 14th, 2020 2:55:18pm
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I would love #7!!!


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Ambur & Soppinaro {Rottweilers}
May 14th, 2020 7:28:28pm
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I need a paint! XD I was too late


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Moderator Maharet
May 14th, 2020 8:19:32pm
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lovin 7!



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Community Ambassador Saturnia ♄ |Super Busy Bee Status
May 24th, 2020 8:14:28pm
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I want #3 !! 
sent money as well! 



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June 4th, 2020 5:15:17pm
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I'll buy 5 if it's still for grabs (:


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