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Looking for coder

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on a whim
May 21st, 2020 6:04:46pm
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I'm currently looking for a coder to code this layout I made myself:

After the lovely Saturnia made me my current layout(Thank you again!), I was able to find my tablet and the motivation to try and make my own layout! I'm not great at photo manips, but I love to draw- so it was worth a go and I'm happy with the results but I'm dying to see it coded! I know absolutely nothing about coding so I'm unsure if this can be made into the vision I see it but it's worth a shot here to see if anyone is up for it! I've never been too involved with the lovely community here so I don't know many people who code.

I would love a tabbed layout, maybe 4-5 tabs, and for my profile and the coding/text to match the color scheme I have on the layout. I just want something super pretty, fancy-ish and elegant!

As far as payment goes- I'm not rolling in HP$. I'm a returning player with very limited $$$! I have about 5mil I can spend, or I can draw you a thing or two like this layout, or even purchase an upgrade for the right coder as payment! I don't want to be a mooch, I'd love to pay for your work, but like I said... I don't have much HPD. If you're interested in coding this for me please let me know so we can negotiate options that would make us both happy! (:


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May 21st, 2020 6:51:41pm
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araminta { national show horses } ♥
May 21st, 2020 6:54:34pm
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omg that's so cute!!!


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