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Training Needed do you np need money 💰??

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Carnival 🎠 let the games begin.. 🎟🎭🎡
June 28th, 2020 11:22:24am
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150 horses and dogs need training. Multiple trainers needed message me. Message me 150k per no enter all. Once or weekly/monthly. Permanently, or not.


8 private shows set the week of July 11 with 6 spots available in each. Wll trade for the same amount of spots in your shows once or permanently starting next week. No trade 450k for horse show spots and 250k for dog show spots. 


Seeking 2 horse show spots and 2 dog show spots 35 of each. Name your price.



Interested in lined horses and dogs for sale. Premades also around 5mill. Have new layouts on all accounts message me. Come check it out!

Carnival Gamez!🎭CG


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