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🌼 Mental Health Check In 💕

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Content Moderator Saturnia ♄ |New Layout !
July 28th, 2020 11:06:20pm
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Hi babes! So- this year has been ROUGH. It's had it's ups and downs ... but I'm sure we are all ready for the norm to come back. I just wanted to take a moment to create a SAFE space to talk about our feelings, how we are doing... just a general mental health check in. 
As always - if you feel more comfortable DM-ing me, don't hesitate! I'm always always here, no judgement 💕 


I'll start! I'm definitely feeling a bit burnt out with work lately. It's been really stressful working remotely. I'm thankful that I'm still working- but it is a little frustrating right now. But, my anxiety has been in check so that's nice! 



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Event Coordinator mango 🍑 on vacation
July 28th, 2020 11:29:16pm
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Covid's royally screwed up all the plans I had set up for the next two years :D I was gonna transfer to a four-year college this fall to finish up my degree if I got accepted, and if I didn't get accepted I was gonna work for a year and try again next fall. I didn't get accepted, but now nobody's hiring obviously. On top of that, having to switch over to online classes this past semester really sucked and I failed my calc class, so I need to retake it. AND none of the bio profs want to teach the last bio class online that I need to get my associates :D So now the best case scenario is that I won't get my associates until June of next year - oh, except we won't be here for me to get that last class. 

My family is still bound and determined to sell our house this fall and move out of state by the end of the year/start of the next. I can't work to save up money to move out on my own by the time they leave the state (because nobody's hiring/there's no work while our jackass governor keeps the state shut down). But if I move with them, I won't have a single degree, even an associates, until well after we've settled into a new state - and then there's no guarantee that where we move will have a university nearby where I can finish my bachelors. So it looks like it'll take me at least a couple years to get my bachelors and start working as a teacher, AND I'll be living my parents for all that time. Here's to being 28 and living with both my parents and grandparents :D

TL;DR Covid burned my future into the ground and I literally can't think about it too long to try and puzzle my way out of it without having an anxiety attack because of how overwhelmingly in the shit I am :D 

Mango TH Good Morning


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Lafitte✘ Misery wins over time
July 28th, 2020 11:50:26pm
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.. my mental health is not the greatest between COVID and womanly issues I can't go to the gym or go swimming because we have more cases in my town and people are coming through not caring I don't think we will ever get ahead of this virus.. 



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Content Moderator Saturnia ♄ |New Layout !
July 29th, 2020 11:59:59am
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Mango - I totally get that. Steph is having the same issues with her schooling being delayed. Thankfully she was able to secure a job, before we moved. But trust me - I understand that struggle of living with parents and feeling trapped. You are SUPER talented with graphics and coding. Have you thought about being a freelance website designer? Or .. hear me out now.. what about opening an Etsy or Redbubble shop and selling your graphic creations! I've seen a lot of people popping up selling stickers. I guess that's the popular thing right now. 
Either way - that does totally suck and you have every right to be frustrated by the situation! Also, don't feel bad about calc. I absolutely SUCK at math classes. I got by by the skin of my teeth for my maths. Especially with it being an online class.. that just adds to the suck. I believe in you though!!! 

Lafi - I feel ya on the woman issues.. I just got back on BC to sort out my hormones (gay so I'm safe from pregnancy LOL but I have PCOS so my hormones get outta whack .. yay for being a woman!) I also feel the same - this virus has definitely been dragging out WAY too long. 



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July 30th, 2020 9:50:37am
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I live by myself (with pets :P)  in Connecticut, it was a choice I made a couple of years ago when my family moved back to Florida.  It's so hard having no one up here, but I always looked forward to their time when they come to visit.  They really wanted me to come down when the pandemic hit, they were worried about my asthma, but I was more worried to catch it from traveling so I never went down there.  Now, Connecticut is continuing to move forward, still things are all canceled, but we are pushing forward; and Florida is now not doing so well.  So my governor put travel bans to 30 states and Florida is included.  We were keeping our fingers crossed that we would see eachother in August, but that is not happening, now we are going to see if October will be a better time!  

Also, Molly is constantly going back and forth to the vet due abcsesses and that is just killing me financially!  


Such a stressful time / disappointing year for everyone, but we can get through this!


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July 30th, 2020 11:06:10am
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It's been a rough year that's for sure. Lost my job :( So I have to live with my family longer. Although college is easier online I still miss going with my friends! My partner lives a few hours away and due to everything we haven't been able to see each other so all our summer plans and travels have been canceled which is disappointing. It's been tough not being able to work, and as much as I love photography it's not making me enough income to move out. 

I've been trying to keep busy with school, but now that the summer semester is over it's been slow at home. And some of my college classes have been canceled. 


TLDR; Lost my job, can't work. I no longer have any travel plans and can't see my partner. lol



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𝒥ax ♪I could even learn how to love like you♪
July 30th, 2020 11:19:40am
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I'm a major extrovert (I get almost all of my energy by being around people, whether we're interacting or not) so between the quarantine/social distancing, my mental health has soared out the window. Thankfully I have an awesome roommate who I enjoy spending time with and I'm always chatting with friends in some form or fashion, but I really miss being in crowded spaces. 

I'm super lucky to have landed a killer promotion lately with my job (in this economy?? what??) but I can't even bring myself to get really excited about it because my brain is like :-) cannot :-) too sad :-) come back later. 

I'm traveling to go see my parents and brother next week which I am very happy about! I'm super close to my family so it'll be really good to see them. 

Animal Crossing and re-re-re-watching Steven Universe have been my saving grace through all this lol  



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Minette 🌙 can we, can we surrender
July 30th, 2020 1:03:38pm
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This was such a crappy year to transfer to a university for my bachelors degree.  I made the last minute decision to study from home (uni gave us like 10 days to cancel housing contract without penalty) since cases continue to skyrocket in Florida.  However, since registration started months ago majority of classes are full and since I can't quite get a full time schedule (still waitlisted on 1 class) I've lost $3-4k in financial aid.  Oh, and I'm second guessing whether I want this degree but I can't quit and the senior project I have to do next year is giving me major anxiety.

I swear once I'm done with this I'm gonna finally go for my photography degree.

Macy May Keel bugs


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Content Moderator Saturnia ♄ |New Layout !
July 31st, 2020 1:13:39pm
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Amberellie - Aww no! I'm so sorry to hear about Molly! Hopefully they will be able to get that taken care of so it isn't so stressful. That's crazy that you moved from CT from FL! Big change - but I'm sure you love it there? I haven't been to the north east much, but I've heard it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL during the fall! 

River - That sucks about your job! Do you think you'll get rehired after the pandemic or are you on the search for a new position? I totally get missing friends and your partner! Does your partner live semi close so that atleast they are able to come visit once everything calms down? Living with family can be tough - but you got this! 

Jax - I am soo the opposite. I'm an extroverted, introvert. So I like to socialize - but it DRAINS me. So, I have to do small doses of groups. Congrats on the promotion though!! That is huge! Proud of you! And safe travels! It's always good to see family ♥ Also ... I think I may have added you on AC from the forum post a while back.. but if not, BE MY AC FRIEND! I need island inspo lol 

Minette- You are not alone. My wife transferred schools to finish her bachelors (she should graduate spring 2021 now) and it has been insanity trying to get all of her credits properly transferred and accounted for. It took me 5 years to get my bachelor's degree. I started in Early Childhood Education, switched after 3 years of taking those classes to Social Work, then we PCS'd (moved) to a new base so I switched my degree to Interdisciplinary Studies. Maybe you should look into that - see if your school offers it. It basically is a way to get a degree in multiple areas of study. Like mine is in Psychology, Sociology, and History because that's what I had the majority of credits in when I transferred schools. It's NEVER too late to switch majors! Maybe that is an option for you? It's super marketable when looking for jobs because you are able to play the whole "I have a multi-faceted degree and expertise in multiple areas which is beneficial for xyz.. " 



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уαмαѕαωкι - who can? toucan!
August 4th, 2020 3:29:54pm
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I'm not even sure where to begin with my rollercoaster of a year. I'll just skip to when everything went online and shops were closed - 

I never really went out, I'm a super introvert, but what I missed was going out on cute dates with Mike haha. I was absolutely in love with cutting out my commute and teaching online. Stay in the house all the time? Heck yeah! But then, when the semester ended, I didn't get to stay. Lots of new instructors didn't get to keep their jobs. Almost all of us had to go, the ones that didn't were able to replace some of the older instructors who wouldn't or couldn't make the online transition. Lost my health insurance, so I had to cancel all of my psychiatry, primary care, and dental appointments I had lined up for May and June. Ugh. So then queue job hunting. Guess what? Nobody is hiring college level instructors, especially not a language one. I sat in my house for three months sending out hundreds of applications and never getting to an interview. So, mad at that and starting to lose my mind, NC moved into phase 2 so restaurants opened again. So I went back to my little restaurant kitchen job and let me tell you, they were so short staffed, (like we are supposed to have ten cooks hired to be fully staffed for day and night shift while giving people at least two days in a row off a week) I was working with the same three people 6 sometimes 7 days a week, for at least ten hours, at night (cause we are a lunch/dinner/late night restaurant). I got wore out real fast, but needed the money. The managers keep hiring new people, but nobody ever lasts a week, that included BOH and FOH employees *eye roll* 

I however last week got an interview with a community college here, that I did well on and they offered me a job. However, it's only two classes, hourly pay, with once a month paychecks. So I'm still going to have to cook because even though I'll have a teaching job, I'll be making more cooking and be getting a biweekly paycheck. *eye roll again*

To top it off, neither job offers health insurance to its employees, so I have no way to get my meds or get my teeth fixed, or get bloodwork done, so I have no idea what I'm going to do :D

I feel for everyone here, and just so everybody knows, my inbox is open if you ever want to talk (: lots of hugs!



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Content Moderator Saturnia ♄ |New Layout !
August 4th, 2020 3:39:41pm
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Yama , my goodness! That sounds extremely stressful! I have some teacher friends in the same positon - they've returned to part time waitress type jobs just to make ends meet. 
I am going to be sending all the good vibes/light your way! I know that there is a teaching job out there for you that will check all of those boxes!! 
I was without health care for about a year and a half while Steph was transitioning out of active duty and into a job with the government. It was tough. So I know how you feel there!! 

If there is anything that I can do to help or even if you just want to rant - you know my inbox is ALWAYS open for you!! 



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