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Mango's Epic Quest 2020 - Chapter One

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August 26th, 2020 3:59:53am
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It looms before you as you round the bend in the steep path - a magnificent stone fortress hewn into the rock of the peaks, pale and glowing in the moonlight. Clinging to the mountainside, the structure is a marvel to look upon with unbreachable walls and defensible towers. Loop-holes carved into the stone glow from fires lit within, the only sign of life to be found in such an imposing place. Indeed, you wouldn’t approach if it weren’t absolutely necessary. The legends alone are enough to dissuade most travellers.

Your horse, however, remains completely unphased.

The sight of something man-made promises food and rest, and your horse picks up the pace without encouragement. Wearily, you wonder where this enthusiasm was when the ground was nice and flat.

The single entrance to the stronghold is a massive iron door, engraved with images of snarling beasts - dwarven work. They are closed fast against intruders, and a none-too-small part of you wonders if it’s too late to turn back. But before you can make up your mind, a voice calls down from above. The night guard, asking your business. You rummage in your saddlebags for a moment, before wordlessly holding up a roll of parchment bearing a large golden seal. Silence, and then the walls begin to rumble. Unseen gears shift and the door begins to rise, affording you your first glance at this famed bastion - Griffin Lodge.

Dismounting, you walk your horse through the courtyard towards the inn, its doors open and spilling warmth into the night. Soon, the sharp echoing clip of the steed’s hooves blends with the cacophony of voices, laughter, shouting, music. You find yourself walking fast, encouraged by the sound of life. Your horse is left at the stables, given into the care of the smiling stableboy who talks softly to the beast as he leads it away.

The tavern beneath the inn is full to bursting with all manner of folk. A human bard dances around the room, strumming a lively tune on his lute and flashing a brilliant grin at anyone who looks liable to reward his efforts. He seems to be well-loved here as the patrons readily toss a coin his way, some raising their frothy mugs and others singing along with nary a care for being wildly off key. It brings a smile to your tired face as you approach the figure by the back wall, quickly cleaning a mug with a rag from her belt.

She’s a beautiful green-skinned orc, wild black hair tamed into long braids that fall down her back and over her shoulders. Rings in her single tusk glint as she turns to you, eyes bright and ready to welcome a new customer.

“Welcome to Griffin Lodge, traveller,” she says, placing the mug on the bar before you. “I suppose you’ll be wanting some dinner and a nice drink after your journey. Ain’t an easy trek up these hills.”

You’ve but to nod before she’s placing a heaping plate next to the mug, and you give her your thanks - in addition to a small handful of coins - before digging in.

“I’d ask what brings you all this way, but it’s no mystery. You’re here for the same reason they all are, I expect.” The orc picks up another mug, content to chat while you eat. “You’re here because of the bounty the king’s put on the Vale Beast, aren’t ya?”

At this, you glance around the room once more, noting the others in the tavern. Armed men and women, most, weapons gleaming in the firelight. A handful of orcs in one corner laugh raucously and slap each other’s shoulders at some joke. A company of dwarves sits at another table, occasionally calling to the bard. There’s even a couple elves, quiet and aloof, as apart from the others in the room as it is possible to be.

“People from all the guilds are up here, seeking to join the Huntsmen. They seem to think it’s as simple as showing up and requesting admittance,” the innkeeper laughs, a deep sound from her chest. “I’d wager not even half’ll make it through the first test.”

Test? Panic spikes through you. Nobody said anything about a test. And it sounds like there’s more than one. The orc catches sight of something in your eyes and laughs again.

“Oh, don’t look so scared.” She pauses in cleaning her mug and leans over the bar towards you, braids brushing the wood. There’s a sigil hanging from a line around her neck, and it catches the light. You recognize the symbol and a small flicker of hope soothes the panic. She’s a part of your guild, and her secretive smile says she knows.

“Tell you what, I happen to be quite familiar with the master of the Huntsmen. I’ll bet I can get you into some good graces if you can complete a task to prove your worth.” Lifting her chin, the orc crosses her arms over her chest, giving you a steady look. “What say you? Up for a challenge?”


Welcome to the first installment of Mango's Epic Quest!

Here's how it works. Starting this August, I'll be hosting an activity every month. These activities are all a part of a story and a quest that will unfold as the year goes by. You get to create your own character and help complete the quest! There'll be prizes for each activity each month, and special prizes for completing every activity throughout the year.

Participate in each event to earn XP points and special prizes!
Participate in each month's activity for the whole year, and you'll get an achievement!
Participate in every activity each month AND have the most XP points at the end of the quest, and you'll get the grand prize - this unique layout coded by me, featuring a high quality manip themed after this year's quest! The layout's still under construction now but will be fully completed by December! (Don't mind the fancy little Nope sign, it's there to prevent spoilers).

Now, this year is going to be a little abbreviated as we're starting in August. The quest will end in December - so 5 months! If you participate in the Epic Quest activity for every one of those 5 months, you get the achievement and a chance at that layout!

Now, on to your first quest!

A beast has been spotted passing through a few villages in an obscure corner of the kingdom. The king has put a massive bounty on the live capture of this "Vale Beast," and you've been tasked by your guildmaster to join the Huntsmen - an elite guild of highly skilled hunters who specialize in the capture of powerful beasts. Only with the skills and knowledge they provide could you hope to capture the creature and claim a kingly reward. However, you're not alone in wishing to join the esteemed ranks of this legendary guild. Luckily, you've been given a shot to stand above the rest by completing a special challenge.

First, pick a race (optional).
You can be a human, dwarf, orc, or elf. 
For a description on each race, see the first post below! Your race does not affect your chances of earning bonus XP points or completing your tasks, but it may affect how your character interacts with others.

Second, pick a name (optional).
There's lots of generators online to help create names that match your race. Again, this doesn't affect your ability to complete tasks, but it does help you get into the story!

Third, pick a guild (REQUIRED).
There are three guilds: Shadow Hand, Arcane Circle, and Order of Blades.
The guild you pick does affect your chances of earning bonus XP points! Each guild has its strengths and weaknesses, and you'll learn just what those are after joining!

Once your character has been created, send me a message with your character's information! The most important thing is to pick a guild, the race and name are optional.

After joining a guild, you need to complete your special challenge!

You've been asked to identify the Vale Beast. Your guild has contacts in Griffin Lodge that you must find and ask for information. Find your guild's banner on player pages and message them your guild's code phrase. Each guild contact will provide you with a clue that will help you identify what the beast is.

For each clue you gather, you'll earn 500k HPD and 1 XP point. There are three clues you can gather from your guild contacts (so you need to find three players with your guild's banner on their page). Additionally, there's a fourth clue hidden on HP - keep your eyes open for your guild banners that aren't on any player pages. Collect all four clues to get 2mil HPD and 4 XP points.

Once you've collected all the clues, you need to do some research to find out what the Vale Beast is! Once you think you've got it, message me with your guess - do not post it here! If you get it correct, you'll earn 3mil HPD and 1 XP point. If you can get specific enough to even guess the gender of the beast, you'll also receive 10k points on an animal.

So here's everything you need to do, all summed up:

1. Create a character, join a guild, and message me!
2. Find three players with your guild's banner on their page. Message them your guild's code phrase to get their clues!
3. Message me all the clues you found and what you think the Vale Beast is!

You have until 11:59 pm HP time on SATURDAY, AUGUST 29TH to message players!
You have until 11:59 pm HP time on SUNDAY, AUGUST 30TH to message me your guesses!

Good luck!



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Event Coordinator mango 🌌 io, the lonely queen
August 26th, 2020 4:05:04am
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The Characters So Far

Ragaim Wolf-Runner - Orc Mage, Griffin Lodge Innkeeper - Infinite XP
Lila - Human, Arcane Circle - 6 XP
Aiaiui - Elf, Arcane Circle - 6 XP
Cathrivra Whitegloom - Human, Order of Blades - 6 XP
Alais Virra - Elf, Order of Blades - 6 XP
Cendalle - Elf, Arcane Circle - 6 XP
Budgrelsia Heavytoe - Dwarf, Arcane Circle - 6 XP
Thalia - Elf, Arcane Circle - 6 XP
Imra Torric
 - Elf, Shadow Hand - 6 XP
Lastande - Elf, Order of Blades - 5 XP
Cyrva Underfoot - Dwarf, Order of Blades - 5 XP
Morwen Rathnez - Orc, Shadow Hand - 5 XP
Galeth Firehammer - Dwarf, Order of Blades - 5 XP
Mazikeen Phoenix - Human, Order of Blades - 4 XP
Aerin - Elf, Arcane Circle - 0 XP
Huxley Longbow - Dwarf, Order of Blades - 0 XP
Vera Flame - Human, Order of Blades - 0 XP


Orcs: Race of large humanoids with skin tones ranging from deep brown to powder green. Most have tusks that can be pierced with rings or wrapped in bands that signify their standing in their clan. Tattoos often cover their arms and torsos, displaying the deeds of the orc or their clan. Culturally, orcs find honor in and have immense respect for all types of strength. Strength of the body is only the simplest of strengths that orcs admire. Orcs have a matriarchal society where clans are led by the female who displays the most strength - of character, of will, of faith, etc. Orcish personalities are as varied as humans, but most tend to be quiet until in familiar company, where they can be quite gregarious and fun-loving. Tavern Friendly rating: 6 out of 10.

Elves: Slender, elegant, and ancient race with a lifespan easily 10 times that of a human. Aside from their characteristic long ears that knife through their hair, elves can be distinguished by the magic aura that makes the air shimmer and warp around them. They are the only race in which every child is born with the ability to use magic. Culturally, the values of the elven race are so complex and diverse, it tends to vary by individual. Overall, the pursuit of that which is rare in all things has allowed them to turn most anything into an art form. Elves tend to keep to themselves and regard the rest of the mortal races as immature children, ephemiral as insects. Tavern Friendly rating: -5 out of 1000.

Dwarves: A stocky, hardy race that resemble compact humans. Dwarves are a race that delight in the use of their hands, and take great pride in producing quality products of any kind. Secrets passed down from ancient smiths have allowed them to become particularly skilled with metalwork and smithing; there's no finer weapon, armor, or tool than that which is dwarven-made. Culturally, dwarves honor hard work and attention to detail. They are a race of perfectionists. Personalities are also quite diverse, but most have no trouble striking up conversation and forming fast friends wherever they go. Tavern Friendly rating: 10 out of 10.

Humans: The most common race in the kingdom. The king is mostly human with some orcish blood generations past in his pedigree. Tavern Friendly rating: *quack* out of 10.



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You know I'm in!!! 
Sending you a message now! 



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Messaged! :D


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Wah, I really want to do this but I don't have the guild code phrase yet!



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August 29th, 2020 1:33:14am
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My friends! As we've gotten quite a few - very welcome - additions to the quest, I've extended the deadline to collect clues through August 29th! The deadline to message me your guess on the Vale Beast has also been extended to August 30th!



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I totally read some of this post wrong...oops!



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I totally missed some parts of it all too. :P



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Dusk is swiftly approaching when the innkeeper - Ragaim - summons you to the gates of Griffin Lodge. After doing your best to gather information and learn what you can about the Vale Beast, the orc promised you a meeting with the Master of the Huntsmen himself. What she told him about you, you’ve no idea, but you hope you have what it takes to maintain your good graces. 

Ragaim is as cheerful as ever, quick to strike up a conversation or point out interesting sights as you descend the steep trail. She tells you stories of other visitors to the Lodge, directs your gaze to a smoking tree across the vale where a phoenix is known to nest. After a time, the orc leads you off the path and into the trees. The sky above through the moss-covered branches is a pale lavender, streaked with burning orange clouds. The only sign of the sun now is a glow in the west.

The orc falls quiet as you step through into a clearing, tall grass swishing at your knees. Directly before you stands a man, his back to you and head lifted to the sky. You see no sign of weapons, but it’s hard to guess what lies beneath his fur cloak, which would appear to be made of bear pelts. But knowing who he is and what he does, you would sooner guess the dark fur belongs to something much rarer. Ragaim makes no sound, but the man turns and shows no surprise to see you both standing behind him. His lack of shock makes up for your exceeding amount.

The bard?

His dark hair is tied back now where it had been free before, and hands that had danced across lute strings now rest upon the heads of two ebon-bladed axes tucked into his belt. But there’s no mistaking those bright hazel eyes, or the flash of a grin as he steps forward.

“Duncan,” Ragaim greets him warmly, clasping his forearm. “This one shows promise.”

The Huntsman switches his attention to you, and you can feel the weight of his gaze despite the smile at his lips. He’s looking for something in you, and you’re determined that he find it.

“Welcome friend,” he says, his voice deep, smooth, and strong - a voice suited both to song and command. “Ragaim speaks highly of you, and she reminded me of the many favors I owe her. So I’ve agreed to take you on this Hunt with me tonight.”

With a soft nod of his head, Duncan beckons you to follow as he steps back beneath the trees. He moves swiftly and makes not a sound, not even the crunch of leaves beneath his boots. Indeed, you no doubt would’ve lost his trail quickly were it not for Ragaim, who pauses every now and again to make sure you haven’t wandered in the wrong direction. After an age or no time at all, the three of you come to stand atop a cliff. Duncan steps right up to the edge, eyes scanning the fields below in the vale. He speaks lowly, urgently.

“The purpose of my Hunt tonight is simple - we need more information.”

You find yourself joining in his search, though you know not what to look for.

“The reports of the Vale Beast are fairly similar and reliable, except in one regard. And it’s this one detail that can cause us a fair bit of trouble.”

The sky is darkening now, the lavender fading into indigo. The moon hangs heavy in the sky, glowing large and pale, washing out the colors of the mountainside.

“The beast is a Pixiu, there’s no doubt about that,” Duncan says, hands flexing on the hafts of his axes. “The problem is the number of antlers it has.”

Below, the river winds through the valley, a ribbon of silver in the moonlight. A village nestles against its banks, light flickering in the windows. As you watch, something large moves in the fields west of the town.

“Depending on who you ask, what guild connections you may have, you’ll hear that it has either one antler, or two.”

Beside you, Ragaim hisses in a breath between her teeth, tongue flicking at the ring in her tusk. Duncan nods, knowing she’s caught on.

“Aye, conflicting reports on this detail are a problem for us,” he hums, and you can see that he’s spotted the shadow below as well. He watches it, waits. “It’s an important thing to nail down, for the chance both reports are correct. Because if they are, then -”

Before the Huntsman can continue, a sound not unlike the rumble of thunder rolls up from the valley below. The shadow has stopped, and you watch with wide eyes as wings spread from its back and it leaps into the air. It’s large, nearly the size of a horse, and powerful - lunging upwards into the night. You know instinctively that this is the Vale Beast, the Pixiu.

So fixated are you on the flying beast that you almost miss the flicker movement across the valley. It rises from the mountainside directly across from where the three of you stand, and soars to join its companion, spiralling upwards towards the moon.

“Then there’s two of them.”


That's it for Chapter One of the Epic Quest! Thank you for participating, and stay tuned for Chapter Two - which will arrive September 13!



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