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September Club Update

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September 12th, 2020 7:06:00pm
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Congrats September club presidents! Players, be sure to check out all the clubs for activities you can participate in for some HPD! Also, double check those registration requirements when registering your animals!

Horse Clubs

Mango, president of the All Horses Club
Panthera Onca, president of the Colored Breeds Club
Mango, president of the Crossbreed Club
Mango, president of the Draft Horse Club
Mango, president of the English Discipline Club
Saturnia, president of the Gaited Club
Saturnia, president of the Mythical Horses Club
Mango, president of the Performance Horse Club
Mango, president of the Pony Club
Lemo, president of the Race Horse Club
Saturnia, president of the Rare Horse Breed Club
Mango, president of the Sport Horse Club
Alle, president of the Western Discipline Club

Dog Clubs

Chime, president of the Agility Club
Yamasawki, president of the All Dogs Club
Saturnia, president of the Herding Club
Peach, president of the Hound Dog Club
Mango, president of the Hunting Club
Panthera Onca, president of the IPO Club
Mango, president of the Mutt Club
Lafitte, president of the Mythical Dogs Club
Lemo, president of the Obedience Club
Concourse, president of the Rare Dog Breeds Club
Panthera Onca, president of the Sporting Club
Mango, president of the Toy Club
Mango, president of the Wild Dog Club
Mango, president of the Working Club

Other Clubs

Chime, president of the Bookworms Anonymous
Kyuubi, president of the Breed Ambassadors United
Alle, president of the Graphic Design Club
Panthera Onca, president of the Horse Phenomena Stud Book
Mango, president of the Layout Design & Coding Club
Alyphira, president of the Pet Phenomena
Alyphira, president of the The Barnyard Club

Club Events

Below are some of the events being hosted by the clubs! Be sure to check them out and get some HPD or other prizes!

All Dogs Club: Dog breed crossword for 1mill HPD and a 200k bonus (check out the page).  Also, bingo on Thursdays at 8pm HP time; up to two cards for 100k HPD each!
Hunting Club: Puzzle contest!
Mutt Club: Puzzle contest!
Toy Club: Puzzle contest!
Wild Dog Club: Puzzle contest!
Working Club: Puzzle contest!
All Horses Club: Puzzle contest!
Crossbreed Club: Puzzle contest!
Draft Horse Club: Puzzle contest!
English Discipline Club: Puzzle contest!
Performance Horse Club: Puzzle contest!
Pony Club: Puzzle contest!
Sport Horse Club: Puzzle contest!
Western Discipline Club: Mascot contest and a puzzle!
Graphic Design Club: Layout idea contest, a puzzle, and a horse and dog mascot contest!
Layout Design & Coding Club: HPD raffle! Tickets are 500k each! Also, answer the trivia question for 500k or an extra raffle ticket!

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