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hi, I'm old

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malorie | the great pyrenees & donkey farm
October 16th, 2020 12:24:42am
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I've been poking around here a few weeks, so I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Rachel (she/her), but you can call me mal or malorie. I'm 26 years old and I'm from Texas. I've returned to HP after a few years off to find my account will be 10 years old in November! This account has had many pseudonyms and I can't really remember any off the top of my head. "malorie" should be easier to remember because it's my middle name :P

I've just started lines of both Great Pyrenees dogs and Donkeys. Great Pyrs because I recently got my first dog (as an adult) and she's part Great Pyrenees (links to pics are on my page in the about me tab!) Donkeys because they're just cute, I guess. Wish me luck and please reach out to chat because my husband says I need more friends. I like talking about volleyball, dogs, enneagrams, art/design and vegetarian food! :D


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October 16th, 2020 10:06:32am
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Welcome back!



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Event Coordinator πŸ‘»anthera πŸŽƒnca // Dark to Light πŸŒ“
October 16th, 2020 10:41:12am
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Welcome back!!



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Haunted Ranch 1, Wicked Wolves
October 16th, 2020 10:42:21am
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welcome back, if I can help in any way just let me know :)Β 


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a z a l i e - commander of the fishies
October 16th, 2020 11:55:36am
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What part of texas?! If you dont mind me askin?!


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Tifi = Zombie Crypt
October 16th, 2020 12:02:15pm
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welcome back

pop intop chat anytime I'm on - I can chat about dogs all day


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π’₯ax-o-lantern :: (っ◔◑◔)っ β™₯ spooky β™₯
October 16th, 2020 12:06:34pm
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Welcome back! :DΒ 



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malorie | the great pyrenees & donkey farm
October 16th, 2020 1:27:04pm
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Thanks for the warm welcome backs everyone!

@azalie, I'm from Houston area originally but live in DFW area now.Β 


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whim-sical ghost β™‘
October 16th, 2020 3:17:42pm
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Welcome back! I just recently came back (in May) after never playing and I made my acc 11 years ago in 2009, really crazy to think about :D

I looked at the pic you have of your pyr on your page and she is so cute omg, and I love her name! You can message me anytime, I love to chat (:

JjsLXlr.png aJG3hc0.png


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Administrator πŸ‚πŸŽƒ~Broken Vow~πŸŽƒπŸ‚
October 17th, 2020 6:46:59pm
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Welcome back! :D



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πŸ‚ Sceyrecrow
October 18th, 2020 5:16:26pm
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Welcome back and warm wishes! I'm excited to see another face around these parts! Jump into forum games or chat anytime. We are a friendly bunch! :)Β 



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Content Moderator ephemira β™« blowing o's like cheerios
October 18th, 2020 5:42:39pm
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hi!! welcome back!! :D


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πŸ¦‡ ΡƒΞ±ΠΌΞ±Ρ•Ξ±Ο‰ΠΊΞΉ the pumpkin pie eater πŸŽƒ
October 19th, 2020 11:27:29am
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Welcome back :D I second the come to chat, I will talk your head off about literally anything hehe



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Maharet :
October 19th, 2020 1:49:56pm
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yay texas!!
aza is up in your neck of the woods! im down in corpus!



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malorie | the great pyrenees & donkey farm
October 21st, 2020 3:51:02pm
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Woo, Texas! Are we really even Texans if we don't flex that Texan pride? lol


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Maharet :
October 21st, 2020 5:11:09pm
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we ooze pride ;)




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October 21st, 2020 7:41:08pm
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Welcome back!Β Β 

I'm old too :P


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