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Multiple Upgrade Management

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Kuwait: The Alsatian King | Congrats, America! 46 Is Here! |
January 8th, 2021 9:48:37pm
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How do you keep them all upgraded?

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Kyuubi || Super Busy || Wants to Enter Mascot...But Has No Time
January 9th, 2021 2:19:48am
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My own rl funds, I wait for sales or coupons though and when there's the chance I mass re-upgrade them again.



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Event Coordinator Concourse
January 9th, 2021 2:35:09am
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Paitence, organzation, teamwork, help, and by planning ahead always.



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Event Coordinator Panthera Onca // RIP Spooky Pooky 😪
January 9th, 2021 8:24:38am
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I do the same as Kyuubi hah! I pay for my accts with RLD and have a LOT that usually expire around Cyber Monday each year xD ...and I take advantage of any newletter/other coupons and reupgrade anything that is the closest to expiring then. :P



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January 9th, 2021 8:33:09am
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Selling tickets and shows/show spots. 



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Lemo | Main | Newfoundlands the Bear Dogs
January 9th, 2021 9:59:49am
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I pay for my own upgrades with RLD for now. But I only have 10. When my project starts ill be going to at least 20...*probably* more.



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Maharet :
January 9th, 2021 12:36:01pm
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i dont remember the last time i paid for an upgrade. 
I have 25 and just use a notepad doc
I save all money from spots/tickets and use that.

I try to upgrade a month before they expire

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Administrator blitz 🌈
January 9th, 2021 2:20:18pm
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I have mine strategically split so I have around the same number expiring every month. I take advantage of sales and coupon codes. Trade my tix for upgrades. 

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LUMOS. 🔮 waymaker 💜
January 9th, 2021 2:53:56pm
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I'm just returning but I only use RLD when I have to, and usually only pay for one month upgrades.  (If I pay for a six month it's usually to auction for show funds)

I keep a master google sheet with all my show and ticket info so I can keep that stuff straight, and then use that money to keep everything upgraded and add more upgrades.

On a google doc I have a list of expiration dates from the soonest to the latest, and I am constantly upgrading those in order as i am able. When they are all at least upgraded 3/4 months out I will add new accounts upgraded with HPD.

And continue on like that if that makes sense lol.



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`NEKENEKE ♥ queen of the morgan empire ♥ EATING H-TIX
January 9th, 2021 5:05:12pm
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I am lucky to be able to afford RLD.
Before, I used show/graphics income though.



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January 13th, 2021 10:51:46am
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Lumos made me a master google sheet a long time ago, and I'm forever greatful for that.  With the help of Moorf it stays pretty updated as best as I can get it :D  But I'm usually on the struggle bus with keeping up with upgrades xD


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