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Community Updates and Weekly Activities!

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Event Coordinator mango ūüćĎ
January 10th, 2021 8:51:17pm
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It's the second week of January, HPers - we're already almost halfway through the month! Below are some important updates about what's going on in the community - including the activities for the week!

Check out the page here!

Hey HPers! Remember, your patches for the Official HP Patchwork are due by January 15th - that's this Friday! Submit patches to account #29849. If you have any questions, please message Blitz!

Congrats January club presidents! Players, be sure to check out all the clubs for activities you can participate in for some HPD! Also, double check those registration requirements when registering your animals!

Horse Clubs

Sassafras Tango, president of the All Horses Club
Nadhima, president of the Colored Breeds Club
Saturnia, president of the Crossbreed Club
Nadhima, president of the Draft Horse Club
Sassafras Tango, president of the English Discipline Club
Nadhima, president of the Gaited Club
Moorfine, president of the Mythical Horses Club
Dunn, president of the Performance Horse Club
Nadhima, president of the Pony Club
Nadhima, president of the Race Horse Club
Nadhima, president of the Rare Horse Breed Club
Saturnia, president of the Sport Horse Club
Nekeneke, president of the Western Discipline Club

Dog Clubs

Nadhima, president of the Agility Club
Nadhima, president of the All Dogs Club
Nadhima, president of the Herding Club
Nadhima, president of the Hound Dog Club
Nadhima, president of the Hunting Club
Nadhima, president of the IPO Club
Nekeneke, president of the Mutt Club
Panthera Onca, president of the Mythical Dogs Club
Nadhima, president of the Obedience Club
Nadhima, president of the Rare Dog Breeds Club
Kayla Gayle, president of the Sporting Club
Whim, president of the Toy Club
Kayla Gayle, president of the Wild Dog Club
Panthera Onca, president of the Working Club

Other Clubs

Tragedy, president of the Bookworms Anonymous
Kayla Gayle, president of the Breed Ambassadors United
Nadhima, president of the Graphic Design Club
Tragedy, president of the Horse Phenomena Stud Book
Mango, president of the Layout Design & Coding Club
Kayla Gayle, president of the Pet Phenomena
Nadhima, president of the The Barnyard Club

Club Events

Below are some of the events being hosted by the clubs! Be sure to check them out and get some HPD or other prizes!

Stop by any of Nadhima’s Dog clubs for : Club Registration Prize and a Puzzle Activity !
Stop by Mutt Club with Neke for : Caption Contest, Dogs in Costume Activity, Guess that Breed, Word Search, AND Spot the Wild Neke Activity!
Stop by the Sporting Club with Kayla Gayle for : a Word Search !
Stop by the Wild Dog Club with Kayla Gayle for : a Word Search !
Stop by the Working Club with Pants for : a Puzzle !
Stop by the Colored Breeds Club with Nadhima for : a Paint Foal Giveaway and Club Registration Prize!
Stop by the Crossbreed Club with Saturnia for : a Word Search and a Meme Activity !
Stop by the Draft Horse Club with Nadhima for : Draft Pulling Competition, Club Registration Prize, and a Puzzle!
Stop by the Gaited Club with Nadhima for : Rocky Mountain Spotted Pair Giveaway, Club Registration Prize, and a Puzzle !
Stop by the Mythical Horses Club with Moorfine for : Caption this Picture, Color this Picture, and a Word Search!
Stop by the Performance Horse Club with Dunn for : a Puzzle and a Word Search !
Stop by Pony Club, Race Horse Club, and Rare Horse Breed Club with Nadhima for : Club Registration Prize and a Puzzle activity !
Stop by the Sport Horse Club with Saturnia for : a Word Search and a Meme Activity !
Stop by the Western Discipline Club with Nekeneke for : a Caption Contest, Horses in Costume Activity, Barrels of Fun Activity, a Word Search, and Spot the Wild Neke Activity !

Below are the activities for the week, hosted by our event coordinators!

Concourse is hosting a game of bingo on Wednesday, January 13th, at 3:30 pm HP time! Please send 500k HPD to account #1639 to get a card - you can have up to 2 cards! If you're not able to make the game, an alternative activity will be posted in the forums around the same time.

Keep an eye on the forums for the thread!

Panthera Onca has a Winter Word Search for you! Starting Monday, Jan. 11th, you have until Saturday, Jan. 16th to complete the word search and earn 3mil HPD!

Check out the thread here!

Don't forget to get your entries in for the January Photography Contest! This month’s theme is: Fresh / New / Beginnings. Entrees are accepted Jan 3rd - 23rd! Respond to the thread with your entries, and be sure to check the rules.

Mango AD My Hand Slipped


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January 10th, 2021 10:00:28pm
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Kayla Gayle ~~ One Piece Greyhounds ~~
January 11th, 2021 2:43:09am
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Is there a link for Pants word search?



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`NEKENEKE ‚ô• queen of the morgan empire ‚ô• EATING H-TIX
January 11th, 2021 9:19:56am
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Oooh, fun events guys :)



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Administrator blitz ūüĆą
January 14th, 2021 12:36:22pm
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-bumps- Tomorrow is the patchwork deadline, people!

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