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lacey » ♥️ back to texas this fall!
February 23rd, 2021 10:22:05pm
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Ok, so maybe it is time to post here (once more?)


I've been not-so-much-lurking around for the past few weeks.  I resurrected many of my lines (I SO love that feature!) and have been squirreling away upgrades like mad. I'm working on bringing my lines back and establishing the -new- foundation, so no big projects for now... so I say.

Real life has been insane! I'm not sure when exactly I left off here, so where to begin? At the beginning of 2019 I finally went back to college. I completed my associates in Criminal Justice in December 2019 and immediately went on to my bachelors in Investigative Forensics-- which I am on track to complete this summer!! In addition to going to school full time, and still maintaining my full time job as a sales manager / equine nutritionist, while going through the pandemic, I HAD A BABY!

My wee lad was born six weeks early in mid September, a darling 3lbs 15oz. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and it escalated incredibly quickly, therefore we met our Wells much sooner than expected. Little lad spent exactly one week in the hospital, and when we brought him home (if you can imagine), he weighed 4lbs 2oz.  We just celebrated 5 months together, and he is an amazing 14pounds-- so he is doing great!! 

I'm hoping to be a bit more active in the forums than I have been previously, so I'm excited to be friends with everyone! ❤


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amberellie 🐄 Vote for Tisa's Special Gal ❤ - Idk what day it is.
February 23rd, 2021 10:41:34pm
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Welcome home and congrats on the little lad!!!


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Eyre {life is wonderful}
February 23rd, 2021 10:58:19pm
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Welcome back!!! Always have admired your lines!! (and I was just singing that song today. lol)



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`NEKENEKE ♥ striving for perfection
February 23rd, 2021 11:08:20pm
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Welcome back and congrats and the wee one!!



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Tragedy [Legendary QHs]
February 23rd, 2021 11:11:50pm
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wow so much has happened but congrats on all fronts. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your beautiful baby



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N.adhima 🎨 Phenomenal Paints & Bernards 🎨 Isla Sorna & Chubby 4 Mascot
February 24th, 2021 12:03:29pm
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Welcome back!



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Jaya : vote for Rainbow and Aspen!
February 24th, 2021 9:27:02pm
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Welcome back!



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Event Coordinator Panthera Onca // Frank Jr FTW!! 🦄
February 25th, 2021 12:24:01pm
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Welcome back!!



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Administrator 🌼~Broken Vow~🌼
February 25th, 2021 11:54:16pm
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Welcome back! :D



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Content Moderator ephemira ♫ 🦄fRaNk Jr for Mascot! 🌈
March 29th, 2021 10:53:11pm
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welcome back! *late* 😬



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