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Mental Health Check In!

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Content Moderator Saturnia 🖤 Fly High, Angel Moose
March 26th, 2021 1:20:56pm
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Hi loves! 

So, now that we have an official Health section in the forums. I wanted to restart my Mental Health Check In forum. That way it is a bit easier to find! 

How has everyone been? 

I'll start! I've been doing okay. Work is really stressful and there has definitely been a lot of pressure on me. But, I am doing my best to stay afloat! Outside of work - I have been reading sooooo many books. I have definitely become quite the hoarder. I just got 10 new books last night.. It's an obsession and that's okay! Lol My wife, Steph, has been having quite the time with her RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and sjorgren's syndrome flare ups. So, that's been a little stressful too since she also works full time and she is finishing up her Bachelor's degree. She graduates in May! Woo! So, this year has been a whirl wind and chaotic.. but i'm surviving and doing well! I got signed up to get my 1st round of the Covid shot next week! I'm so thankful for that - I'm ready to live life without being so terrified of that dang virus. 


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Content Moderator Saturnia 🖤 Fly High, Angel Moose
April 21st, 2021 5:54:37pm
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I felt the need to come post here because I feel like this will be something that potentially someone may want to discuss or have feelings about. 
Justice has been served! We are all probably aware of the horrid situation with George Floyd and Derek Chauvin. Thankfully Chauvin was found guilty on 3 accounts. While we still have to wait 8 weeks for sentencing(sentencing is where we find out just how long Chauvin will be locked up for each charge).. there is some peace knowing that the Floyd family will be able to get justice for this wrong doing. 

But, it's hard to feel satisfied right? There is still SO much wrong going on in the world. So much change that needs to happen in order for things to even begin to feel right. Not to mention - the pandemic is still on going. Living during these times is quite... well it's tiring if I'm being honest. Life is weird right now. 

So, how do we cope? How do we continue on each day? 

I wanted to share a few things that are helping me breathe a little better and lighten that dark cloud that seems to be hanging in the air. 
1. When able - getting out into the sun! Fresh air really just helps me clear my mind honestly. Breathing in the same old stale, dog hair congested air in my office is enough to drive anyone nuts. Sometimes just opening my office window to let in fresh air is nice. 
2. Meditation. Yes.. I am one of those that believes in the powers of calming the mind. While it's almost impossible to get my mind to shut up long enough, I feel that just sitting still and quiet for a while without worrying about what chore needs to be completed next - helps. Just 5 minutes of quiet. 
3. Doing things I love. Yep - that means digging up time to read books. If I can sit and doom scroll through Tiktok for an hour, that is an hour that I can use to read a book. So that means, you can find your time too. You make time for what you feel is important (while also respecting yourself and getting proper sleep)
4. "For the love of God, SAT - DRINK YOUR DANG WATER!!!" :P This is something my inner brain keeps shouting at me. Drinking more water. Giving my body the support it needs. 

These are just a few things that I'm doing to bring a little joy into my life. How about you? What are some things you're doing to help keep yourself afloat during these times? 

As always, my DMs/inbox are always open! You have full permission to creep and find me on social media and reach out to me there as well if that's easier for you. I am always here for y'all! 

Much love - I hope that knowing that you are not alone makes things just a little easier! 
x- Sat 


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