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Activities for the Week of April 18th

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April 21st, 2021 12:36:54am
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Better late then never, but congrats APRIL club presidents! Our Clubs are split between: Blitz, HP’s Hot Bunch, and Jaya this month!
Players, be sure to check out all the clubs for activities you can participate in for some HPD! Also, double check those registration requirements when registering your animals!


Jaya, president of the All of the Horse Clubs!


Hp’s Hot Bunch, president of the Agility Club! , president of the Hunting Club! , president of the Hound Dog Club! , president of the Herding Club! , president of the Mutt Club! , president of the Mythical Dogs Club! , president of the Non-Working Dog Club! , president of the Obedience Club! , president of the Toy Club! , president of the Working Club! !

Blitz, president of the All Dogs Club! ,
president of the IPO Club! , president of the Rare Dog Breeds Club! , president of the Sporting Club! , president of the Wild Dog Club! !


Jaya, president of the Bookworms Anonymous!
HP’s Hot Bunch, president of the Breed Ambassadors United!
Jaya, president of the Graphic Design Club!
Jaya, president of the Horse Phenomena Stud Book!
Jaya, president of the Layout Design & Coding Club!
Hp’s Hot Bunch, president of the Pet Phenomena!
Hp’s Hot Bunch, president of the The Barnyard Club!


Below are some of the events being hosted by the clubs! Be sure to check them out and get some HPD or other prizes!
Stop by : Bookworms, Layout Design Club, Graphic Design Club, Studbook, or any of the Horse clubs run by Jaya to earn $500k for completing the puzzle and $500k for completing the word search!
Stop by Blitz’s Clubs for her famous puzzles to win some HPD!
Stop by HP’s Hot Bunch’s Clubs for word searches, quizzes, puzzles, and more!

Click above to go to the Games Room!

Join Concourse for bingo this evening, time TBD! Cards are 500k HPD each sent to account #1639, and you can have a max of two cards. Good luck!

Click above to go to the thread!

Complete three puzzles to earn up to 4.5mil HPD Post screenshots with your time in the thread by SUNDAY, 4/24 at 11:59pm HP time!

Click above to go to the thread!

This month’s theme is: Pets, Easter, April Showers. Entrees are accepted April 3rd - 24th!

First place prize will be 10,000 points on any animal.
Second place prize will be 7,500 points on any animal.
Third place prize will be 5,000 points on any animal.


First place - Kuwait

Second place - Tragedy
Oops, this picture disappeared!

Third place - Shikari



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