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2021 Mascot Contest Results!

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Administrator 🌼~Broken Vow~🌼
May 4th, 2021 3:51:26pm
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Mascot Contest Results

A big Thank You to everyone for supporting one another throughout this contest! You guys really are the best!
It's been a lot of fun watching everything and all of your creativity for your Mascots!
You can message me at (#22700) if you would like to see the scoring sheet for your mascot's category!

The long wait is finally over! You've made it!
Here are your 2021 Mascot Contest Winners...

Horse Tickets/Shows:
Grand Prize: Tisa Special Gal (#345772) by Moorfine (#1212) & Amberellie (#10)
Runner-Up: Quinam Z (#346635) by Kyuubi (#27768)

Dog Tickets/Shows:
Grand Prize: io (#133101) by Mango (#1802)
Runner-Up: Trixie (#132899) by Timebomb (#379)

Horse No Tickets/Shows:
Grand Prize: Frank Jr (#345793) by Panthera Onca (#13599) & Ephemira (#696) & Saturnia (#44000)
Runner-Up: Rainbow (#346342) by Jaya (#2021)

Dog No Tickets/Shows:
Grand Prize: Too Hot to Handle (#133114) by Mame (#13751) & Subrosa (#21412) & City of Angels (#1237)
Runner-Up: Bad Dog (#133160) by Blitz (#2049)

Bonus Prize #1:
Frank Jr (#345793) by Panthera Onca (#13599) & Ephemira (#696) & Saturnia (#44000)

Bonus Prize #2:

Bonus Prize #3:

Bonus Prize #4:
io (#133101) by Mango (#1802)

Bonus Prize #5:
All points have been awarded!

Raffle Winner:
Eneru (#133496) by Kayla Gayle (#4312)

Mascot Contest Prize List Information
Messages are being sent out to the winners!
For those of you with teams, messages will be sent to the team accounts!

Thank you all for providing feedback during this year's voting. I will be taking note and working on making next year's even better! :D
~Broken Vow (#22700)



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Administrator 🌼~Broken Vow~🌼
May 4th, 2021 3:52:26pm
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Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's contest! < 3



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s u b я o s a • HPs Hot Bunch 🔥 •
May 4th, 2021 4:02:06pm
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I can't believe it. So proud of my hot bunch team.

Well done too everyone else to entered, there were some brilliant entries this year!



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City of Angels - HPs Hot Bunch 🔥
May 4th, 2021 4:05:04pm
185 Posts

-dies alongside Rosa-

I am so so so grateful for EVERYONE that voted for Too Hot to Handle, thank you!

But what I said still stands. No matter win or lose, I won by having these two beautiful ladies enter my life x


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Mame // HPs Hot Bunch 🔥
May 4th, 2021 4:05:21pm
1,283 Posts

YAY Too Hot to Handle *huggles my hot bunch ladies*


Well done everyone, lots of awesome entries :)


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Tragedy [Legendary QHs]
May 4th, 2021 4:07:36pm
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Congrats everyone on all that you did! This year really inspired me to maybe participate next year. I'll probably need a teammate to keep me organized but good thing we have a year to plan xD

1QaY8pH.gif sUSgu2U.png


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May 4th, 2021 4:22:40pm
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Nice job, everyone!


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Content Moderator Saturnia ♄ || Vacay May 8-16th!
May 4th, 2021 4:27:50pm
1,928 Posts

Way to go!! Congrats to all the winners ! This was a tough competition this year - but super fun! Go Team Frank Jr!! 

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light! - Dumbledore.


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Moorfine {Empire of Unruly Unicorns}
May 4th, 2021 4:28:20pm
765 Posts

Congratulations everyone to a job very well done!



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Insomnia ♥ the memory of us will go up in ashes
May 4th, 2021 4:54:18pm
710 Posts

conrats everyone! one day I'll enter, but I have loads of saving up to do lmao



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Content Moderator ephemira ♫ 🦄fRaNk Jr for Mascot! 🌈
May 4th, 2021 5:04:58pm
2,534 Posts

congrats to everyone! this was such a fun and competitive year and i'm so proud of what everone accomplished!



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LUMOS. 🔮 light a fire in my heart 💜
May 4th, 2021 6:03:08pm
204 Posts

Woot woot!!! Congrats everyone!!!! 



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amberellie 🐄 - Idk what day it is.
May 4th, 2021 8:13:52pm
411 Posts

OMG, congrats everyone, what a fun contest to participate in!!!!


Also, thank you to everyone who asked me to make their mascot pictures, it meant alot to me!!


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Event Coordinator Panthera Onca // The Night Floof 🐆
May 4th, 2021 8:34:28pm
19,605 Posts






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Administrator blitz ✊ project TRINITY 🌈
May 4th, 2021 8:45:17pm
4,329 Posts

Congrats everyone!


And thanks to everyone who voted for Bad Dog in any of the categories!



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a z a l i e--> MIA and fittin to quit for awhile
May 4th, 2021 10:34:12pm
1,773 Posts

Congratz everyone!

I loved all the pictures this year! They were all awesome!!!


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clover ❧ was adeina
May 5th, 2021 5:38:42am
1,151 Posts

Congrats everyone!


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Moorfine {Empire of Unruly Unicorns}
May 5th, 2021 8:29:34am
765 Posts

Thank you to everyone who voted for Tisa!!! ❤️❤️

She is such a special horse and so dear to me, it means the world to me that Amber talked me into doing the contest this year and to do it in honor of my RL mare and the HP community showed so much support through it all! 


Side note, I kinda want to cry a little each time I sit and think about it!




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`NEKENEKE ♥ the morgan empire
May 5th, 2021 11:40:29am
5,535 Posts




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Kuwait: The Unholy Alsatian King | Horse Racing = CRUELTY |
May 5th, 2021 11:42:10am
1,881 Posts


giphy.gif PitaPata Dog tickers


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↬ PRYNNE 🐇 the moon knows all my secrets
May 5th, 2021 12:25:59pm
1,090 Posts

Congrats to everyone who won or just in general stuck it out for the entire length of the contest! I'm proud of all of you!



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