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question about starter packs?

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kuryakin ☼ main | orlov-rostopchin sporthorses
May 15th, 2021 5:10:46pm
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i joined 8 days ago. i bought a 1-month upgrade and etc, but i was a little silly and didn't realize how convenient the starter pack option would be until a few days later when i was looking more closely at everything. i've been wondering if i still qualified for buying the starter pack even though i joined a week ( 1 day) ago and already bought an upgrade and some horses? or did i miss the window for it by not doing so immediately upon creating my account? 

i also wanted to ask about the 'pair of animals w/ 200k points' bit -- i'm pretty familiar with how a site like HP works since I was big into HL back in the day (the nostalgia for the latter is ultimately what lead me to find this site and join). so i pretty quickly bought some horses and entered them into shows/etc. i was wondering if those points could possibly be added to the ones i already bought? or is this not something that can be done? 

thank you so much in advance to anyone who has advice/knows a little more about this!!! i completely understand if i'm too late haha! 

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May 16th, 2021 9:09:59pm
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Bumping for you! Hopefully a member of staff will be able to respond to you soon. (:



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June 3rd, 2021 6:23:37pm
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Way late...sorry!


But if it's still showing up as an option, then it's still available for you! It'll disappear after a certain amount of time when the game deems you not a newbie.



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