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Does this bit exist?

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Kyuubi || Insanely Busy, I Apologize for any Delays
May 30th, 2021 4:06:12am
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I have been searching through the sites that I typically use to purchase horse products, ie; Dover & Smartpak as we do not have a tack store in Hawaii everything must come from online. There is a specific bit I've been trying to find but I'm unsure whether or not it actually exists and it's just my wishful hope that it does. This bit but in a hollow mouth version with possibly an eggbutt? Does it exist in your part of the non-USA world or know of if you can get a custom one made somewhere?

My horse loves his hollow mouth eggbutt snaffle, but isn't quite a fan of the single joint by itself so we put vet wrap around the joint (but I would have to change it every two weeks because it would be disgusting) and then eventually went to bit tape. He loves the bit with the bit tape even if it isn't actually covering the joint anymore, he just likes to chew/squish it. He's in the hollow mouth because he kept murdering his rubber bits every 4 months and when you have to ship in a happy mouth rubber double jointed d-ring snaffle at $37 plus $50 in shipping every 4 months it gets really expensive, really fast. I don't mind using the bit tape although it is not legal to use in Hunter Competitions, it is in Dressage and those are the only two types of competitions we have in Hawaii. So I was wondering do any of you HPers know of this illusive bit that I am looking for?



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utakata - -{main; KWPN}- -
June 8th, 2021 9:53:05am
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You've probably found these already but the only thing similar that I can find are hollow mouths with a standard french link?

So there's this, which is a loose ring (though the cheapest option):

Or this, which is an eggbutt:



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