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MHM: Coping w/Stress

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Content Moderator Saturnia 🖤 Fly High, Angel Moose
July 12th, 2021 3:27:19pm
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Hello hello all of my handsome and beautiful HP'ers! I hope you've been enjoying the weekly topics. So sorry that I had to take a week off (carpal tunnel is no joke!) but - I'm baaaaaaack! Last week was honestly super stressful for me with work and I struggled to cope in healthy ways. SO! What better topic to discuss this week than : Coping with Stress  
This post is gonna be less about the "What is stress" and more about healthy ways to cope/ tips and tricks and links galore! Let's crack into it! 


Time to light that scented candle you love, grab your warm cup of tea, and relax for a moment! Because you deserve to have a quiet space/time set aside each day! We live in a time where "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and that "GO GO GO!" mentality is crushing us. Add in the pandemic, a dash of work stress, a pinch of home life stress, a sprinkle of not sleeping well.. and you've got your self a lovely heaping plate of stress! 
So, Sat - how do we cope? How do we take our negative habits and turn them into a healthy habits/coping mechanisms? 
Glad you asked! 

Here is a list of tips - tricks - links - everything I can possibly think of to help you find better ways to deal with your stress. 
1. Running. If you are anything like me, my stress bottles up until it's like a closed, shaken up Coke bottle ready to explode and when I get to that level the ONLY thing that helps me : Going to the gym, putting that treadmill on level 4 incline and level 4 speed and running while blasting heavy rock n roll. Something about quite literally running from those problems for the moment - helps to clear my mind. 
2. Self Care. Sometimes, I need to just SLOW DOWN. So, running a hot bath - playing some soothing youtube music sounds - lathering on lavendar scented body wash just helps calm the mind. 
3. Let it Out! Whether it's just venting to my best friend, my wife, the dogs or my social media friends ... speaking it out loud gets it out of my brain so that I can focus on solutions rather than just marinating on that issue. 
4. Time Out. If you are able to, take a time out. Step away from whatever is stressing you out. So for me - that's my 1 hour lunch break or when I clock out at 5pm. When I'm clocked out: Then no more. It's time to put that into a box for the day and move on to things that I enjoy. Reading a book, TV shows, etc. 
5. Plan of Action. A lot of times - I get stressed because I feel overwhelmed with the amount of tasks I need to get done. I forget critical steps that need to be taken. So WRITE IT OUT! Make a list - step by step if you have to. Check it off. It helps you to stay in line and keep things in order. 

The CDC has a great webpage here with some other helpful tips : 

Lots of Helpful Links to Self Care - Calming Sounds - Hotlines .. etc. 

This linktree is INCREDIBLE! I'm going to be using it for every post. It has websites and messages and help numbers and so much goodness! :

My Let it Out - Anon Vent Google Form :

How to make stress your friend - Ted Talk:

Self Care w/ How to Adult feat Hank Green :

Calming Ambient worlds Youtube music : 

Everyone relieves stress in different ways - so remember that while 1 trick may work for a friend, it might not work for you and that is okay! The important thing to remember is to just put yourself first, be kind to yourself, and know that things will get better. Hope this helps! See you next week for another mental health topic! XOXO Sat 


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July 12th, 2021 3:55:03pm
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Thank you Sat! :D

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apothie 🌱 burn bright, accursed light
July 12th, 2021 4:19:35pm
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these are great Sat!

it's letting the little things accumulate that get me.

I've been doing 1 a lot lately. I love a good run, especially on our local wooded trails. Away from others and LOTS of fresh air! If not running then a solid workout where I have to focus on my form/reps, anything to occupy my mind while I'm moving. 2 is a morning and nightly ritual. Taking time out of my day to focus on myself has always helped me tremendously (this also helps with my anxiety!)Doing my skincare routine at night helps me wind down from the days events. Put on a soothing mask and plop down with my cat to catch up on some cuddles and episodes of whatever it is I'm currently hooked on.



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Content Moderator Saturnia 🖤 Fly High, Angel Moose
July 12th, 2021 5:26:36pm
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Aww yay! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one Apothie! Thank you! ♥ 


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primrose •• and her drummie babes
July 13th, 2021 2:22:29pm
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This is helpful Sat. I struggle with stress and anxiety on an insane level so I always enjoy reading your insightful posts



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goose 🍓 main| new layout
July 13th, 2021 2:28:44pm
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Sat, your posts are always the best. Thank you for cultivating an intentional space for this incredible community. I'm grateful for it and you! Always rooting for everyone's growth & joy!


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Content Moderator Saturnia 🖤 Fly High, Angel Moose
July 13th, 2021 3:26:38pm
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Goose & Prim - you are both so sweet! This made my day to read! Thank you both so much for supporting me!! 


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