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Layout Design & Coding Club

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October 1st, 2021 4:18:37pm
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Hi guys! We are doing a raffle this month! 

1st place will get the clubs current layout.

2nd place will get a free coding from me.

3rd place will get 50 million hpd and the pot may get bigger. 

Also we have puzzles as a way to ear tickets!


Check us out https://horsephenomena.com/clubs.php?id=119


hUkU6YX.pngIn5mBQk.pngQWJJ1Go.png TaKKsY0.png 39081524_NSo98yP7cTHWtUZ.gif 39081525_LHXA54ZjsYaxqw4.gif 39081329_lSGIAd9JwQsqhHh.gif 39072460_rqFJn3x9MyehLFr.gif


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