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MHM: New Year, Same Me?

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Saturnia ᛉ 🖤new job, on Hiatus
January 10th, 2022 11:00:32am
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Hello my lovelies! I hope that you had a safe, happy, merry, wonderful, holiday season! As the pandemic is still raging around us, I know that this new year feels kinda strange. Things seem the same? As if they haven't changed much. Atleast, that's kind of how I feel. It feels a bit.. stagnant. SO! I want to talk about mood boards, manifestation, new years resolutions, and how you can shake things up to bring in some more joy to your life that way you aren't feeling so stale

First off : Resolutions! Society has trained us since we were young: New year = make new plans! "This year I'm going to go to the gym once a week" or "This year I'm going to eat less take out and more home cooked meals" or "This year I'm going to finish writing my book" or any other number of things. BUT! What it doesn't focus on is how we can make those goals more manageable? Sure - we can list a LOT of goals and they can be exciting but also pretty daunting. 
So, when you are writing out these new year resolutions - also think about the steps that go along with them. Example: 
"I'm going to finish writing my book this year!" So, to go along with that : 
Step 1 - I will write X amount of words each month. 
Step 2 - I will research for X amount of time each month. 
Step 3 - I will have friends peer-read or review my writing every 3 months. 
(Clearly I have not written a book so I'm guessing here.. but you get my gist!) 
Make your resolution, but also make your step to step guide so that your goal is more attainable! 

Next : Mood Boards / Vision Boards ! If you are anything like me, lists don't always get me to accomplish things. Seeing is believing! So, I like to create vision boards. While they may seem a bit silly, having that visual reminder of why I'm working so hard is a great motivator. 
(Don't judge my twitter.. that is my "I can be a weirdo freely" space LOL) Here is a link to a recent tweet with my personal Vision board.
Other examples of vision boards :
How to create a vision board :
I just pulled pictures off of Pinterest and then used the free website, Canva , to create it. 

Nextttt : Manifestation . For all you spiritual, new-age, witchy types like me .. Manifestation is key! If you can dream it, you can have it or be it. The world is your oyster! 
From the lovely Oprah herself : . How to Manifest ANYTHING! 
Be clear, be bold, be positive. Drop the "if" statements and use "will" or "am" . Like : 
I WILL get a raise this year. I WILL pass this test. I AM healthy.. I AM wealthy.. (wink, wink if you recognize that song tiktokers) 
There is power in positivity. So make a point to really bring that aspect and viewpoint into your daily! 

Finally, Shake it Up! Change up your daily routines, bring in new habits that bring you joy, find more ways to do things that make you happy. The pandemic has changed life for a lot of us and I think it's changed how we view things and do things. So, this is your reminder that while the world may be absolutely chaotic and stressful around you ... you can create a safe space for yourself with healthy routines and things that bring you happiness. 

I wanted to start of the year with something light and something positive that can help you move forward with some fresh perspective! So, if you're feeling spunky - share your mood board or a manifestation that you have for this new year! OR even some tips about how you are keeping things light in your life. 

Reminder that you are ALWAYS welcome to drop into my DMs to chat, that you can ALWAYS use the anonymous google doc to vent to your heart's content ( ) and that there are tons of resources linked on previous MHM's with hotlines and ways to reach out for help. If you need help, let me know. My page is ALWAYS a safe space. 

XOXO Sat ! 


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Saturnia ᛉ 🖤new job, on Hiatus
January 10th, 2022 11:01:48am
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Also, a reminder that IT IS OKAY TO NOT MAKE CHANGES THIS YEAR . After all we have been through with this pandemic, if waking up each day and just getting through it is all you can do. THAT IS OKAY. We are living in weird times. There is no expectation that you have to do anything other than survive and take care of yourself. 

Also - you are loved. You are enough. You matter. Don't ever forget that! 


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