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Mascot 2022: Important Dates

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January 14th, 2022 2:32:29pm
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Everything is also listed in the HP Calendar and in the Mini-News section.
Categories marked with * are required for all participants.
If those with the * are not completed, your entry will be immediately disqualified from the competition!
*Sign-Ups Start: January 15th
*Last Day To Sign-Up: February 26th
*Entrance Fees are Due: February 27th
*Mascot Training Begins: February 27th
Acrostic Due: To be Announced
Bad Drawing Contest Due: To be Announced
Mascot Name Scramble Due: To be Announced
*Pictures Due: April 3rd
Costume Contest Due: To be Announced
Find Me A Pic Of... Due: To be Announced
Word Search Due: To be Announced
Puzzles Due: To be Announced
*Backstories Due: April 17th
*Color, Height, and Brands Due: April 30th
*Mascot Training Ends: April 30th
*Voting Begins*: May 1st
*Voting Ends: May 8th
*Winners Announced: May 9th or May 10th (pending if I have a breakdown with final scoring or not xD)

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