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Mango's Epic Quest: Darkwater - Chapter Two

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Event Coordinator mango 🍑 distemper, parvo outbreak; busy and tired
March 20th, 2022 9:18:08pm
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Be sure to read the previous chapters for more information on prizes and how the Quest works!
Chapter I

You awake on your first morning at Cairnhart Castle to the clatter of rain against the glass of your small window. Little light makes its way into your room, the world outside deeply sodden with the storm. As you prepare for the day ahead, thunder rumbles through the sky, and it sounds as though it is mere feet above your head.

At breakfast, Archmage Buchanan formally welcomes all of his guests, thanking them for making the trip to his family’s isolated home. He acknowledges how taxing the road can be, and offers this day as a welcome respite. Guests are all encouraged to make Cairnhart their own, to explore, relax, or mingle as their hearts desire.

Downstairs, in the servants quarters, the butler informs his staff that the Archmage has requested everyone have time during the day to familiarize themselves with the lay of the castle. Once duties are done, servants may explore - discreetly.

The storm seems to pass on during breakfast, so that the rain is little more than a heavy misting when you are freed from your meal.

Glancing around, you see that the others are filtering from the room, going off on their own to do as they pleased. Lacking inspiration, you decide to walk the halls of Cairnhart Castle.


Welcome back to the 2022 edition of my Epic Quest - Darkwater

Here’s how the Epic Quest works: I will host an activity each month that plays into the story being told. You’ll earn small prizes for each activity you complete - like points, HPD, or cash shop items. You’ll also earn XP points, and the player with the most XP points at the end of the year - December 2022 - will win the grand prize:
1. A fully coded tabbed layout from me featuring a graphic themed after this year’s quest and
2. Matching animal CSS and
3. A 1-year upgrade

The runner-up will receive:
1. A
custom coding slot for simple layout (scrolls or expandables) and
2. A 6-month upgrade

Participate in the Epic Quest activity every month of the year, and you’ll earn a special prize:
1. An official HP achievement and
2. A store pair with 100k points

If you haven't joined yet but would like to, check out the sign-up thread to create your mage! You must have a mage created before you can participate in the activities.

If you have any questions about the quest, prizes, or how it works, don’t hesitate to message me!


You've decided to explore Cairnhart Castle! You'll be led on a little journey through some locations in the castle, and you might meet some faces you didn't get to meet last night!


Below are three hints to an animal on HP. Your first step is to find the animal! Once you do, you'll read about where you've explored and what you've found there. The animal will also have clues to lead you to another animal, which will have a new location, discovery, and set of clues to follow.

The story is located in the animal image section of each animal, and the clues are located in the stylesheet credits area!

Something important to note! All the animals you’re looking for are Mango’s own animals! To help limit your search, I’ll tell you this: all of my animals have this tag at the start of their names - {9W}

Every search should include that clue
! If you neglect to include it, then the clues that follow will not lead you to the right animals. For example, one clue states that a horse “has the lowest ID number of its breed.” Unless otherwise stated, this actually means that the horse has the lowest ID number of its breed from my own horses, not in all of HP.

As you explore, note down the name and ID of each animal(s) you find along the way. Once you've completed your exploration, you must message me the list of all the animals that you found in order to receive your prizes!

Your first set of clues:
1. This mare has at least 2mil points.
2. She is one of the three oldest horses.
3. She did not reach the Senior Rankings.

Each correct animal found: 1 XP and 2k points on an animal*
All animals found: 1 set of 75 training tickets, your choice horse or dog**
BONUS: Find Mango's favorite HP animal for an extra discovery, 5 XP, and 3k points on an animal (you can ask for a hint at the cost of 3 XP)! I will tell you that this information can be found on HP without asking ;D

You have until 11:59 pm HP time on Sunday, March 27th to send in your list of animals!

*Mascot entries can only receive these points once. Coordinate with your teammates!
**For upgraded players. Basic players will receive the point equivalent of using 75 tickets on an animal of your choice OR the HPD equivalent of selling 75 tickets at current going prices (here defined as 300k per ticket for horse tix, 160k per ticket for dog tix).


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Event Coordinator mango 🍑 distemper, parvo outbreak; busy and tired
March 20th, 2022 9:18:17pm
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The Host

Archmage Eidolus Buchanan - NPC
?, Archmage

The Guests

Dowager Countess Magnolia Buchanan - NPC
Diviner, Eidolus Buchanan's mother

Celestine Bell - NPC
Evoker, American Acrobat

Eimear Fraser - 23 XP
Conjurer, Buchanan family's ward

Willow - 11 XP
Diviner, Queen Victoria's Diviner

Scarlett MacDonald - 11 XP
Diviner, Divination Scholar

Ethniu Dagon - 11 XP
Evoker, Scholar of Medicine

Ioetta Dawnreaver - 10 XP
Conjurer, Military Officer

Meira Wolfsbane - 10 XP
Conjurer, Military Hero

Pohta Doux - 10 XP
Evoker, Combat Expert

Lili Findlay - 10 XP
Evoker, Eidolus Buchanan's younger sister

Thea Deathwhisper - 10 XP
Necromancer, Archmage's apprentice

Acacia Weatherspoon - 10 XP
Diviner, National Hero

Elsie Ridel - 10 XP
Necromancer, Friend of Celestine Bell

Elena - 10 XP
Conjurer, Battlemage

Jem Marion - 10 XP
Evoker, Polish Mage

Lady K - 10 XP
Conjurer, Globe Trotter

Anya Ruzicka - 10 XP
Diviner, Russian Heiress

Lake Timberline - 9 XP
Evoker, French Liaison

Ainsley Greer - 9 XP
Conjurer, Distant cousin of Eidolus Buchanan

Elspeth Grey - 1 XP
Evoker, Family

Seph Reid - 1 XP
Necromancer, Philosopher

The Staff

Raleigh Whitlock - NPC
Evoker, Butler

Evangeline Glen - 10 XP
Conjurer, Lady's Maid to Dowager Countess

Fiona Ferguson - 10 XP
Evoker, Cook

Elizabeth Odd - 10 XP
Evoker, Gardener

LaleLa Lou - 10 XP
Evoker, Housekeeper

Vincent Myrddin Thorne - 0 XP
Necromancer, Footman


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Jaya ❄️
March 20th, 2022 9:53:46pm
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N.adhima 🎨 Phenomenal Paints & Bernards
March 20th, 2022 10:31:54pm
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Yay! Its like a big animal hunt! I miss these!




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a z a l i e - 🌵 blitzy watching! azas busy with the non pixel pones!
March 20th, 2022 11:01:31pm
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well....i wonder if my bonus animal guess was correct -crosses fingers-

probably not....



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Oak 💕 ‹main› ↬Vanners↫ ↬Project October Fox↫
March 20th, 2022 11:09:09pm
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sent in my list! :D This was fun! :)



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apo 𓆣
March 20th, 2022 11:09:14pm
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Sent! I love a good hunt too :D


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trig · 🦌🎄☃️
March 20th, 2022 11:46:30pm
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I made it to the end but I'm not sure I took the right path xD

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ɹ o ʇ ǝ l l ǝ ʞ s
March 21st, 2022 6:01:31am
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Sent! So much fun, thanks Mango! x

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mako 🎃
March 21st, 2022 9:19:00am
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Sent! This was a fun one!



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Event Coordinator Saturnia ᛉ Coding Open again!
March 21st, 2022 11:48:14am
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Ooh this was fun! Fingers crossed I took the right path lol 


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a z a l i e - 🌵 blitzy watching! azas busy with the non pixel pones!
March 21st, 2022 11:56:20am
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How many animals were there?



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Administrator 🎄~BV~🎄
March 21st, 2022 9:06:53pm
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Sent! :D

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Little Wolf • Lowchens
March 21st, 2022 10:42:28pm
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Sent mine. This was a blast! =)



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↬ JADE 🖤 pomegranate seeds and a flower crown
March 22nd, 2022 1:11:02am
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Really enjoyed this! ♥



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Lynelle! ♔ Paint Horse Embassy
March 22nd, 2022 8:50:52pm
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sent! I hope I got them all!


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March 23rd, 2022 5:58:59am
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Aoi Haru Designs {AHD} 🌈Love is Love, no matter its shape or colour🌈
March 23rd, 2022 5:59:51am
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vanity 🎀
March 23rd, 2022 8:37:35am
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I enjoyed exploring the castle!


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