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My First 2MIL Horse!

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doe ➼ dreamy paints & spicy lusitanos πŸ’—
June 17th, 2022 3:45:34pm
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I'm so excited, my first horse I bought when I joined HP a few months ago just hit 2MIL points last night! I'm unfortunately still too noob to know how to link on the forums, but it's my paint stallion Hangman Adam Page πŸ₯°


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`nekeneke β†’ the queen of horror
June 17th, 2022 8:22:56pm
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amberellie πŸ„
June 17th, 2022 8:29:47pm
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Congratulations!!Β  πŸŽ‰


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↬ JADE πŸ–€ pomegranate seeds and a flower crown
June 17th, 2022 8:52:33pm
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Congrats! β™₯



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June 17th, 2022 9:17:26pm
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That's awesome!!



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Moorfine {Empire of Unruly Unicorns}
June 18th, 2022 10:13:43am
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Congratulations! What an achievement!



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Oak πŸ’• β€Ήmainβ€Ί β—¦ Warlanders β—¦
June 18th, 2022 10:15:34am
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That's so awesome!!Β  Congrats!! β™₯


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apothecary 𓆣
June 18th, 2022 11:49:22am
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Congratulations Doe! πŸ’š



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Kayla Gayle ~~ One Piece Greyhounds ~~
June 18th, 2022 12:34:05pm
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Congrats! It's always exciting to reach that milestone.



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Administrator ✨~BV~(Is it October yet?)✨
June 18th, 2022 12:35:12pm
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Nicely done!!! :D

pjd1sOi.png uoRNx1M.png BGYKLiO.png


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doe ➼ dreamy paints & spicy lusitanos πŸ’—
June 18th, 2022 12:36:13pm
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Thank you so much everyone!!! So proud of my lil pixel pony :D


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Dakiti ❖ Sad
August 1st, 2022 1:26:26pm
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Congrats. I think I only had one line of Mustangs hit over 2mill and that was because there was like a double point month. I don't train with tickets or anything so it was kind of hard. lol.



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August 6th, 2022 1:43:25pm
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Congratualtions!! That's always a number I aim to meet, but rarely do, so relish and bask in that pride! Yay for pixel points!!

p.s. his picture is so pretty, too! I love palamino paints!



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Event Coordinator Panthera Onca .:. The Night Floof πŸ†
August 6th, 2022 1:44:21pm
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Woo! Congrats! :D



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