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A little friend

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Tifisati -
November 30th, 2022 7:28:59am
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We're off to meet him on Saturday but providing all goes well he'll be coming home with us in the new year. 5 weeks old today

He's the one on the right



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Tifisati -
November 30th, 2022 7:33:41am
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Really excited but not putting on FB until he arrives so my HP family are the first to know.


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November 30th, 2022 8:35:29am
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oh my goodness he is so adorable!!! ♥ 

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November 30th, 2022 9:42:23am
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cute :3

giphy.gif giphy.gif

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☪ Starla ~ RHS
November 30th, 2022 10:08:59am
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So cute! Thank you for showing us! 💙💜

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Administrator 🐈~BV~🎄~Project Orangey One~🐈
November 30th, 2022 11:56:55pm
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Look at that widdle sweet face!!!
Too cute! :D

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The Epilogue [Phism]
January 16th, 2023 11:19:48am
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Oh my goodness, it's so cute!


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Event Coordinator Saturnia ᛉ Busy 🐝 ◡̈ - Happy Yule! 🌲
January 16th, 2023 12:25:30pm
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