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Mascot 2023 ~ Backstories

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January 14th, 2023 5:43:34pm
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Official Mascot Backstories Thread!

Please post below your Mascot's Backstory!
Share with the rest of HP how your Mascot came to be/who they are/what's been going on with their lives/fictional/non-fictional, etc.
Include their Name & ID# in your post!

A separate thread post is required per mascot entry!

Backstories are due on Sunday March 19th!
Failure to post in here by the due date will equal in an immediate disqualification!

Please wait to post any backstories until sign-ups have closed and the training portion of the contest starts!

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Blitz & Binny -- Queen Elizabeth πŸ‘‘πŸ‘Έ 2023 Mascot Dog Ticket Contendor!
March 18th, 2023 10:44:52pm
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Backstory for Queen Elizabeth #156220

They call me Queen Elizabeth, Lizzie to a chosen few. I come from a long line of legendary royal Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We proudly lived with Queen Elizabeth II of England for most of her life. My many-greats grandfather Dookie was her first, gifted to her by her beloved father, King George VI, when she was 10. She fell in love with Dookie the most out of the three pups presented to her to choose from, and history was started for my family.

We were there the morning of her wedding to her great love, the future Prince Philip in 1947, hearing her worries of how he would feel about being beneath her in the British monarchy power heirarchy once she eventually became queen for the rest of their lives.

We were there on the eve of her coronation on June 2, 1953, when she confessed her nerves at being the first female monarch since Queen Anne in the early 18th century while also being a mother.

We were there in October of 1966 after the Wales Mining Disaster when she delayed visiting the site of the tragedy for over a week, providing a non-judgemental ear when she agonized over that decision before and after that trip as to if waiting was the right choice, or seen as her being unsympatetic to the tragedy of her people.

We were there through her first "walkabout" in Australia in 1970 when she started that tradition for her family going forward. Her Silver Jubilee celebration her 25th year on the throne in 1977. The "Wedding of the Century" between her heir, Prince Charles, and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 and the subsequent rocky relationship with the later through that failed marriage. Princess Diana's death, agonizing over her public response vs. her feelings for Diana vs. supporting her grandsons was in particular something she confided in my great-grandparents.

We were there for the toughest, but also most celebrated year of her life, with the loss of her lifelong love and partner Philip in 2021, suffering through Covid at an advanced age, and her Platinum Jubilee in 2022. Losing Philip in particular was so hard on her, and she needed my companionship so! It was my turn to serve her as generations of my family had before me. Us, her corgis, became even moreso her steadfast companions. Her scummy son Andrew even gave her a puppy to add to her pack, Phil, to help support her through those trying times.Β 

When we lost our beloved owner, our Queen Elizabeth, on September 8, 2022, we mourned her loss alongside all of Britain and around the world, proudly taking our place to honour our queen one last time as her casket moved slowly towards its final resting place.

Forever our Queen. β™₯


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N.adhima 3 w/ Shadowfox & Tifi 🍻 Dazzling Drafts πŸ‘» Blue Ghost for Mascot 2023
March 19th, 2023 5:58:20am
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Blue Ghost #388744


In a small area of the Appalachian Mountain range nestled in North Carolina lies an elusive and unusual phenomena on the forest floor. Hovering just about knee height are small, blueish-white lights that dance around in the shadow of the densest shrubs like fairies frolicking together and basking in each other’s soft glow. As the darkness progresses, they gather in masses for only two weeks a year before disappearing again- a ghost to the forest until it is time to congregate again.

To seek out the Blue Ghost, one must seek out an undisturbed, mature forest where the harsh light from the city can’t penetrate the canopy guarding the secrets of the forest below. Even the moon watches greedily, watching and waiting for opportunities to pierce the branches and scatter moonbeams across the earth. All artificial light must be extinguished so your eyes can start to adjust and take in the forest in the dark. The Blue Ghost likes to collect in the undergrowth of the rhododendron and mountain laurel, adding a breathtaking effect of hazy lights illuminating the flowers in the dark with their minute-long flashes of bioluminescence.

But to seek and to find are two different things. You've got to slow down; take a deep breath and look at all the little things around you; from the tiny twitches of the foliage as the plants breathe around you, the earthy and moist smell of the dirt permeated with the sweet and delicate scents of the native growing flora, to the sound of your blood flowing in your veins and your pulse thumping in your ears while the insects sing their songs to the night.

From the small and seemingly insignificant to the tumultuous chaos of everyday life. Whether you’re searching for the answers to life, or something small and brief- especially with the way the world has been lately. You must step back and appreciate all things, big and small; close and far, before you can find what you're looking for, and find the elusive and magical Blue Ghost.




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JINX β€’ mango's mascot
March 19th, 2023 11:25:39pm
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I had grand plans, but unfortunately didn't complete them. However, please enjoy the first chapter of Violet's story and a glimpse into Jinx!

Backstory for Jinx #388862


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