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Kerry Bog Pony

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Kiyoko - Snowsong Stables ❄️ [Kerry Bog/Warlander]
May 6th, 2023 3:37:45pm
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Are you looking for a new project? Something cute and pretty and historical to another well known and loved breed?

Well then look no further because Kerry Bog Ponies are for you! They used to be an active breed I loved here on HP back when I played 8 years ago, but after I left at some time they ended up getting Thanos Snapped.

So I am here to tell you all about this rare, and amazing little breed of pony!

The Kerry Bog Pony is a breed of pony that stands about 10 to 12 hands high, and is native to the country of Ireland. They are found in all coat colors including dilutes. Some Kerry Bog Ponies do carry paint markings, and the Irish registry does not accept those but the American registry does. Their ancestry is unknown but it is belived they are descended from the now extinct Irish Hobby Horse breed. And why are they historic to another breed? T he Kerry Bog Pony is one of several breeds that contributed to the Gypsy Vanner/Irish Cob breed! I mean just look at that mane and tail and tell me that they didn't contribute that to the Vanners!

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Their history is interesting as well! Herds of ponies were known to live a semi-feral life in the peat bogs in Kerry County as far back as the 1600's, and were once used to transport peat from the local bogs. In the 1800's they were used as pack animals by the invading British calvary, and many were removed from the country never to return. Machinery soon replaced horses and soon the ponies were left to run feral in the peat bogs, and the Kerry Bog Pony had been belived to have gone extinct.

In 1994, an Innkeeper heard about the Kerry Bogs and went searching to see if any of these feral bog ponies still existed. He found a herd of twenty, consisting of one single stallion and 19 mares. He took them back to his stable, had them DNA tested that confirmed they were different then other ponies in the local area, and it was in 2005 that the Kerry Bog Pony was listed as an official breed in Ireland. Several horses were also exported to America and Austria, and a registry was started there as well. Ever since the rescue of the 20 horses, more feral ponies have been found and genetically identified, and the breed has continued to grow and was well over 300 horses strong by 2011.

So let's do what that Innkeeper did and bring this breed back from extinction! :D

Irish Registry:
(You can find a lot more photos here too!)

Most of my information is from the Kerry Bog Wikipedia Page

Future Breeders:

1. Kiyoko
2. Concourse

And hopefully many more! :D


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Concourse [moving...]
May 10th, 2023 9:55:15am
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I'd be down, these things are adorable!



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Jaya 🌺 wait for me
June 1st, 2023 7:42:22am
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They are cute :)



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Moorfine {Empire of Unruly Unicorns}
June 3rd, 2023 12:00:06pm
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They are adorable, but unfortunately I cannot add another breed at the moment.



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