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May Puzzle Pants!

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Event Coordinator Panthera Onca .:. The Night Floof πŸ†
May 15th, 2023 10:34:07pm
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May Puzzle Pants!

PUZZLE 1 is worth 1k points on an animal!

PUZZLE 2 is worth 3k points on an animal!

PUZZLE 3 is worth 5k points on an animal!


Please post screenshots of your completed puzzles on the forum thread here that ALSO shows BOTH the time AND the number of pieces, so I know not only that it's your puzzle, but that you also did the puzzle with the correct amount of pieces.

Example here: http://prntscr.com/1pz5fgc


Please post the ID of the animal of where you want your points to go!

This event ends Saturday, 5/20 at 11:59pm HP time!



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Event Coordinator Panthera Onca .:. The Night Floof πŸ†
May 15th, 2023 10:34:16pm
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lostcause β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ„β„οΈ
May 16th, 2023 12:45:44am
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1 - https://i3.lensdump.com/i/kKUAl9.png
2 - https://i2.lensdump.com/i/kDSFDo.md.png
3 -

Points to horse #386431 please!


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Content Moderator ΙΉ o Κ‡ ǝ l l ǝ ʞ s : hursey and clifford are kinda cool
May 16th, 2023 8:49:30pm
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1: https://i.imgur.com/Ww6Qn1h.jpg

2: https://i.imgur.com/0vgton4.jpg

3: https://i.imgur.com/aJJRHKj.jpg

May I please have points to Calamity:


jjrZPQp.gif ApFSLNf.gif gisaYrC.gif


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Administrator 🐈~BV~Keep Staring At The Stars⭐🎡
May 16th, 2023 9:38:57pm
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I got distracted during these xD
Puzzle One
Puzzle Two

Points on Horse (#393326)

pjd1sOi.png uoRNx1M.png BGYKLiO.png


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May 17th, 2023 12:55:17pm
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Thank you for hosting :)

Puzzle 1: https://ibb.co/th2MRQb

Puzzle 2: https://ibb.co/dGt35M1

Puzzle 3: https://ibb.co/1G3G9R4

Points to https://horsephenomena.com/horses.php?id=395171 please :)

β€œLife is short but also like terribly and insufferably long at the same time.” - Jenna Marbles


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City of Angels - Home of Obsidian and Gunsmoke
May 18th, 2023 5:15:23am
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Thank you Pants!

Points to Ringwraith please - https://horsephenomena.com/horses.php?id=388835

Puzzle One : https://prnt.sc/70j55Jdcccm9

Puzzle Two: https://prnt.sc/oQJ7gEsy1j24

Rosa is awesome, Rosa is fine, Rosa didn't write this...


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sunday β€’β€’ collies
May 18th, 2023 10:09:09am
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1- https://i.imgur.com/aOLne91.png

2- https://i.imgur.com/9l2m0HH.png


points to dog 140747 thank you!

β™₯ remy, brooke, and potter


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Lynelle! β™” Starting to settle in...
May 18th, 2023 11:44:04pm
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I had limited time this week!!





points to horse #390964


thank you!


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May 19th, 2023 2:37:21am
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Points To β†’ M | Hielo Furia (#394324)

1. https://i.ibb.co/w0g1BDD/Screenshot-20230519-011554.png

2. https://i.ibb.co/4g8vvWC/Screenshot-20230519-023341.png

3. https://i.ibb.co/HzbYddR/Screenshot-20230520-001257.png

Thank you very much!


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Gothika - SEA's ο½‘γƒ»οΎŸ*.q * Happy Holidays! οΎŸγƒ»ο½‘ * q ・ ゚
May 19th, 2023 10:06:54am
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1. https://prnt.sc/OeR7v8vwlC30
2. https://prnt.sc/VmoTIWdE5KDY
3. https://prnt.sc/lLAU6sk1jkGw

Points to Regularity: https://horsephenomena.com/horses.php?id=393258

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Administrator blitz ❄️hey, don't write yourself off yet
May 19th, 2023 8:12:30pm
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