Russian Heavy Draft

About the Breed

The Russian Heavy Draft was developed in the Soviet Union, and was officially registered in 1952. It has bloodlines from Orlov Trotters, Percherons, and the (Belgian) Ardennes breeds.

The Russian Heavy Draft has had a big influence on agricultural stock in Russia. Horses with their bloodlines are often still used today, and are frequently used to drive carts. As a driving horse, they can pull more weight relative to their body mass than any other draft breed developed in the region. This is largely due to their large size and short legs which are conducive to hauling heavy loads.

Interestingly, Russian Heavy Drafts are also used to produce milk, which is fermented into a medicinal drink in Central Asia.

Quick Facts

Height: 14.6 - 15 hands

Weight: 1200 1550 pounds

Coat Colors: Chestnut; rarely bay and brown

Markings: Star, Blaze, Stripe & Snip, Sock, Stocking

Conformation: Wide forehead with straight profile; short, broad, high-crested neck (stallions); low and broad withers; long, broad but soft back; deep, broad chest; front legs are short and set far apart; knee joints often too far back.

Common Uses: Farming, driving

Temperament: Docile, agile and energetic; tolerant of cold

Place of Origin: Soviet Union (now Russian Federation)

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